About Us

eHolster, LLC - Our Mission

eHolster, LLC, the parent company of the e-Holster® has a mission; to create, market, produce and distribute worldwide the finest personal electronics concealment accessories which will make "wearing" personal electronics and effects easier, more fashionable, pleasurable and effective. To that end we invite you to contact us with your thoughts using the contact information located on this web site.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate both the "interaction" of these devices worn on the body either wirelessly or with wire and to make "wearing" personal electronics both practical and comfortable. The vision of the leading wireless corporations worldwide is to create the ability for the consumer to have mobile, flexible, wireless connections at any time, from anywhere and we are committed to that vision as well.

Our History

Take one great idea, add a webmaster, two concealment experts, an e-commerce store, a true customer service organization and millions of personal electronics products with no place to hang out.

In January, 1999, Tom Traeger, a self-avowed personal electronics "junkie", set out on a journey to create an easy way to carry and protect all of his personal electronics.

As luck would have it Tom found Jerry Ahern, a personal concealment expert headquartered in Commerce, GA who had honed his skill with firearms. Jerry intuitively understood the problem with personal electronics and crafted a crude prototype out of leather in February 1999.

Over the next ten months Jerry and Tom enlisted the manufacturing expertise of Gene DeSantis, owner of DeSantis Holsters in New HydePark, NY. Gene applied his years of expertise in the design and manufacture of firearms holsters to what became the original e-Holster modular shoulder holster case system.

The e-Holster® owes its name to Mr. Ted Barry, a friend of Tom Traeger. Over hot pastrami sandwiches at a deli in Atlanta Ted came up with the novel idea of calling this new way to carry personal electronics the "e-Holster". Traeger thought that it captured the essence of the product and so it was registered for trademark protection as the e-Holster®.

In February of 1999 Tom approached Scott Quarterman to help take the e-Holster product to consumers worldwide. In that capacity Scott has designed and developed our online marketing and identity, and our e-commerce store - the mechanism that enables consumers worldwide to purchase e-Holster products from the comfort of their home.

While the original e-Holster modular case system is not being sold any more, our innovative and unique product line continues to serve the needs of our customers with products that secure and protect their personal electronics.


Scott Quarterman

Scott QuartermanScott Quarterman, President and co-founder of eHolster, LLC, has been in the marketing and advertising industry since 1989, and has been producing and executing Internet web sites since 1994.

Since 1999, Scott has been the online marketing arm of eHolster, managing all online marketing efforts from development and maintenance of the e-commerce site, to managing SEO and online marketing campaigns.

Since 2002, Scott has been responsible for all the day-to-day activities of the business including product design, product manufacturing, marketing, fulfillment and our outstanding customer service.

A Memorial for Tom Traeger

Tom Traeger

Tom Traeger, co-founder of eHolster, LLC, was a self-avowed personal electronics "junkie". New gadgets have always played a part in his life and so very early on he knew that like himself, users of personal electronics were going to run out of space to carry their "toys" and run out of patience with not having easy access to their personal electronics at a moment's notice.

Sadly in 2004 Tom Traeger passed away. His dedication and passion towards evolving the personal electronics case industry will not be forgotten and continues on with each and every new e-Holster product released.