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  • Tips to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

    Take Better Photos with Your iPhoneThere are people out there who deplore how reliant many of us have become on our phones, but there is at least one thing about the smartphone revolution that just about everyone can agree on: having a camera with you everywhere you go is pretty great. With an iPhone or Android device in your pocket, you're always ready to play the role of family photographer or event archivist. Or better yet, to document the funniest moments of life as they happen, from selfies to pictures of pets.
  • Bikes: The Next Mobile Device Charger?

    BambooBike2In recent years, it's become remarkably easy to charge your mobile devices on the go. From automobile companies that have added USB ports to their cars, to coffee shops that have built charging ports right into their tables, corporations everywhere have gotten the message that staying charged and connected at all time is a high priority for customers.
  • The Four Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners

    apple_rainbow_logoIn many workplaces, use of iPhones or other mobile devices are discouraged, simply because employers worry that their workers will use those devices to check social media, browse the web, send text messages to friends. In short, employers worry that smartphones will distract from the productivity of their workers. If you are a small business owner, though, your opinion on smartphones will likely be different. Indeed, with the right applications and strategies, an iPhone can transform from a daily distraction into the most useful tool in your arsenal. With that in mind, here are four iPhone apps that are essential for a small business owner.
  • Is the Era of the iPad Coming to an End?

    apple_rainbow_logoFirst of all, it needs to be emphasized that the iPad is still selling: Apple reported 12.3 million units shipped in Q4 for its popular tablet device. That’s below expectations, of $13 million, and it’s lower than previous quarters, but it still isn’t a sign that the iPad is on life support.
  • Will Mobile Payments Become the Norm?

    Smart phone apps iconsThe idea of using a smartphone or mobile device to make payments at a physical store is not exactly new. After all, Google launched its Google Wallet app all the way back in 2011, using then-new NFC (or Near-Field Communication) technology in smartphones to come up with a new way for paying at stores. Instead of handing over cash or swiping a card, customers at physical stores or on public transportation could simply hold their phone near a contactless reader. The reader would then communicate with the phone and the Google Wallet app, accept the payment, and send confirmation.
  • Top Four Must-Download Apps for iOS 8

    ios8-heroHere are four must-download apps for your Apple iOS 8.
  • The Pros and Cons of Apple Pay

    Apple_Pay_logo.svgHow it Works

    Apple Pay uses a Near Field Communication (or NFC) antenna in the most recent iPhone models to send payment information. Ideally, retailers will have a contactless reader that is tailored to accept NFC payments from Apple’s mobile devices. Once the payment has been sent, the iPhone lets your know with a confirmation beep or vibration.
  • Will the New Sony Xperia Phone Change the Game for Smartphone Battery Life?

    01_Xperia_Z3_White_smallOf course, short battery life isn’t an uncommon Achilles ’ heel for modern smartphones to have. These pocket-sized devices are as powerful as some computers and are used frequently to boot. It makes sense that they quickly drain their batteries, and it also makes sense that companies like Apple and Samsung are reluctant to add bigger batteries to these devices. After all, sleek and lightweight have always been the orders of the day for mobile devices.
  • To Update or Not Update: What to Do with the iOS 8 Update on Your Apple Mobile Device

    ios8-heroAnother fall season, another new iPhone, and with it comes Apple’s latest mobile operating system update: iOS 8. But many Apple users have become hesitant about updating iOS in recent years. In some cases, the earliest versions of Apple’s iOS updates have been buggy and problematic. In other instances, they’ve caused problems for owners of older Apple mobile devices.
  • Congress Wants to Let Consumers “Unlock” Their Mobile Phones

    mobilephone-jailbreakingThe concept of “jailbreaking” phones and using them on different mobile networks than the ones the were purchased to work with has been common ever since Apple launched the first iPhone with an AT&T exclusivity deal. Mobile customers with other carriers, from Sprint to Verizon, wanted to see what Apple’s brand-new smartphone had to offer, and since they wanted to do so without having to change carriers to AT&T, they instead figured how to unlock the devices and use them on any network they wanted.

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