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5 Problems a Barcode Scanner Holster Can Help You Avoid

When you work in a business, one of the most common items that you will use regularly is a barcode scanner. These devices are prevalent in retail, but they are used in many businesses. These items aren’t cheap to replace or repair, and they certainly can hurt your business’s bottom line if they’re not cared for properly.

That’s why many businesses have chosen to equip their employees with barcode scanner holsters. These items may not look like much, but they can save a business from a lot of problems. Below are the most common problems that a holster for your barcode scanner can help rectify.

1. Misplacing a Scanner

A big problem with barcode scanners is that they get lost. The person who is scanning gets doing other things and puts their scanner down, then realizes that they don’t remember where they placed it last. A holster will help them have a handy place to put their scanner that’s out of the way but easily accessible. It gives them a spot that doesn’t interfere with their work but also keeps it where they can reach it quickly and easily when they need to use it again.

2. Having a Scanner Stolen

This goes along with misplacing a scanner. When a scanner is misplaced, many times it might be never seen again because someone has stolen it. Sadly, since scanners are small items, they can be easily put into a purse or a shopping bag. Even though the person may not have any personal use for the scanner, they can try selling it online or in a pawn shop. But when you have a holster for your scanner, it keeps it right close to you and ensures that no one else takes it.

3. Broken Scanners

When you place a scanner on a shelf or a box, it’s very easy for it to fall off and break. Not only does this cost the company money, but it also means that you have one less scanner to use. But with a holster, rather than placing the scanner on the shelf or box, you can simply place it into the holster for safekeeping until you need it once again.

4. Damage from Spills and Dirt

Placing a scanner on a table can lead to another problem – the scanner may have liquid spilled on it. This could be a cleaning solution, water or even an employee’s hot drink. Depending on where the scanner is being used, placing it on a table also could cause dust and dirt to get into it, which can cause damage. Accidents happen but keeping a scanner in a holster can help with protecting it against spills and dirt.

5. Knowing Where to Put the Scanner

Chances are that you have been at work and scanning barcodes, and suddenly you have to put your scanner down for a minute. But there’s not always a good and safe place to put it. But with a barcode scanner holster, you can simply place the scanner into the holster until it’s needed again. You don’t have to put it down somewhere and hope that it doesn’t get damaged or stolen, because it’s right in your holster.

As you can see, having a barcode scanner holster for each employee who uses scanners can help you save your company a lot of time and money. You will have fewer damaged and stolen scanners, and your employees will always have their scanners on them when they are needed. This small investment can help you keep your scanners safe and clean, and it can give your employees an accessory to keep their scanner accessible.