5 Useful Travel Tech Accessories You’ll Want in any Airport

Traveling abroad is a big task and the last thing you want to do is find yourself missing something vital at the wrong moment. Often, the best case scenario for being unexpectedly unprepared is massively overpriced airport stores or tourist shops. The best way to be ready for anything is to pack ahead of time and come prepared with the best in travel tech accessories.

Many people carefully make a list of everything they need or might need on the trip, then cross it off as each item is nestled into the suitcase. The next time you’re making a travel packing list, consider a few neat travel tech accessories that could make your life in and out of airports a lot more enjoyable. Here are 5 notably useful travel tech accessories you might want to bring along:

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Traveling to new places and being constantly surrounded by strangers is incredibly exciting, often too exciting to get a good nap. Serious travel pros know when to catch a nap at the right moment, and can seem to do so in unlikely places like on a bus or in a busy airport. One of the tricks of the seasoned travel-napper is noise canceling headphones. Able to play music at the same time, these fantastic devices help to dampen the sound of other people around you and let your mind relax into a convenient and dreamy sleep.

2. RFID Travel Wallet

The airport is a busy place and the single most important thing you keep track of is your wallet with all your important documents like your passport, tickets, boarding pass, and payment cards. One trend that has been rising with both debit and credit cards is RFID wave-pay or tap-to-pay capabilities. These cards include a small wifi chip that sends information to a reader to allow you to quickly pay for things or use a pass. These cards, unfortunately, can also be read by privately owned scanners which can be used to steal your payment information. RFID-blocking travel wallets not only come with a strap and all the little pockets and zip-pouches you need for travel, they also prevent your RFID cards from being read without your permission.

3. The Luggage Tracker

Knowing how carefully you packed, it’s easy to understand why you would want to keep a close eye on your bag. Everything you need that doesn’t fit conveniently into a single carry-on is in your primary suitcase or suitcases and it is a harrowing process to lose your luggage while far from home. Fortunately, there is a new selection of travel tech accessories that can be packed with your luggage and give you up-to-date information on where it is and whether it is probably in the baggage claim area yet. You can cut a full third of airport bases stresses with the simple freedom of wireless bag tracking. No more hovering nervously at the baggage claim, becoming one with the blocking crowd. You can chill back with your phone and let it tell you when to saunter over and snag your suitcase.

4. Travel Steam Iron

Want to look your best when meeting new people? Of course, you do, but not all hotels have a convenient ironing solution. Fortunately, miniaturized tech has you covered. There are miniature steam irons that can be easily charged and packed that will allow even the most rushed business traveler look snappy on for their welcoming party. One great trick with the mini-iron is to baffle your friends with unprecedented sleekness during a camping trip by pressing your clothes each morning before emerging from your tent. It won’t last, but it could be hilarious.

5. Power Converter Strip

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time heading overseas, it can still be hard to remember that the outlets are different there. Just remembering to bring your cell phone charger isn’t sufficient. The best way to prepare ahead of time is to know what you’ll need. A multi-head power converter gives you maximum versatility, no matter what kind of outlet you find in the wall. Make sure it has enough outlets and USB ports for all your favorite devices.

Traveling is hard work, and is incredibly rewarding when done right. Imagine how clever you’ll feel as the least rumpled person on a long distance business trip, well rested and assured of your luggage location. When you’re properly prepared for life on the road, in the air, or over the water, every moment of travel can be a worry-free joy which is possible with these travel tech accessories.