Breaking Down the Best Travel Holsters

In a mobile society that relies upon the gadgets we bring with us everywhere, having the right case for your tech necessities can make a fundamental difference in your everyday life.

With a wide variety of different travel holsters to fit every occasion or lifestyle, lugging around your electronics has never been easier and new eye-catching designs can even help make old-fashioned work bags and backpacks a thing of the past. For those who need an upgrade to their tech apparel, here is a look at the advantages of the best travel holsters available.

Tailor-made for secure travel.

A concern that always remains for travelers is security, which holds particularly true now thanks to the expensive electronics that are much more valuable than the cash most people carry. One of the best ways to free your pockets while securing your phone, credit cards and cash is to go with a belt-worn wallet phone case, which can not only fit any cell phone size but allow you to ditch your regular wallet entirely. While the ballistic nylon exterior and heavy-duty stainless-steel belt clip provide plenty of security, the design also provides easy access to your license and cards to make traveling as easy as possible. Many of the best wallet phone cases even provide zippered interior pouches that can store everything from earbuds to bus tokens. Cautious travelers also have an option to utilize a lightweight money belt with RFID Blocking, which protects against electronic thievery for items like credit cards and passports.

For smaller tablets like iPad Minis, belt-worn drop leg holsters can also be a convenient and safe way to travel without having to use a bulky briefcase or backpack. Anyone who doesn’t love the idea of walking with a tablet strapped to your waist can also pick from a line of shoulder holsters that fit snug to your side, making them much easier to maneuver with than traditional work bags. Some of the best travel holsters even have separate slots for your cell phone and hidden compartments for important items like passports and credit cards, completely freeing up your pockets and letting you travel in comfort. Add in options like conduit systems that hide the wires of your earbuds and you can have the perfect case whether you’re heading to the office or cruising around on vacation.

Protect your gear no matter your industry.

It isn’t just interns in Silicon Valley that need to haul around electronics, as the mobile tech revolution has caught on in a wide variety of industries. Nowhere has that been truer than on construction sites and in industrial settings, with many project managers and engineers ditching paper documents for the digital world. But while electronics can make many things easier on a job site, having the right protective case can make the difference between a major setback and carrying on as usual.

That’s why it’s essential to protect your tablet or laptop with a holster that is specifically designed to take a hit or two. With the best travel holsters crafted with durable ballistic nylon on the outside and soft nylon padding on the interior, you can have quick access to all your files and programs without having to sacrifice any protection. Other products also include touch capacitive screens that can guard against dust and debris, allowing you full access to electronics like tablets and handheld computers even at rough job sites. With secure belts and shoulder straps to choose from as well as options for a variety of different tablets, protecting your gear no matter where you work can be a cinch.

Stay connected on the run, literally.

For the busy person looking to squeeze in a workout, being able to remain connected while working up a sweat can be a game-changer. With a running belt waist pack, you can comfortably bring just about any size phone with you while also toting your credit cards and keys, giving you more than enough pockets-free storage on the go. Expandable pockets are even perfectly sized for bringing along snacks and protein bars, making waist packs terrific options for runners, skiers, hikers and more. Thanks to a sleek design and zippered pockets to keep everything compartmentalized, it’s not a problem to stay organized and available no matter what is your workout of choice.

As the mobile tech revolution continues to surge forward, finding the best travel holsters can be every bit as important as the electronic gear you carry. With an impressive variety of options to match the diversified tech world of today, it’s easy to find an affordable and secure solution that lets you bring your electronics wherever you need them to go.