Cell Phone Pouch

Cell Phone Pouch vs. Cell Phone Airbag

Cell phone pouch’s provide protection for your smart phone device. As your cell phone’s importance increases with how you access and manage your money it is more important than ever to protect your investment.

Our e-Holster cell phone pouch cases such as; e-Vibe Wallet Case (pouch) with Belt Clip, e-Vibe Wallet Case (pouch) with Belt Loop, Front Pocket Wallet with Cell Phone Pouch, Front Pocket Wallet with iPhone Pouch and Front Pocket Wallet with BlackBerry Pouch are designed with protection and functionality in mind. A simple and elegant solution to the dangers of dropping your cell phone.

Not to be outwitted in the creative idea category Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com and Greg Heart the Vice President, have come up with an idea of their own to protect your phone.

Cell Phone Airbag?

Their patent filed with thamazon_patente USPO Patent Application number 20110194230 suggests using a phone’s accelerometer to detect when it is falling and deploying tiny airbags to cushion the impact. Not as simple as a cell phone pouch for protection, but definitely an intriguing solution to the problem of dropping your phone.


The diagram (above) show jets of air which activate when the phones censers determine it is being dropped. To cushion the impact the airbags (shown left) amazon_airbag_patentdeploy. The phone uses its internal gyroscope, camera and possibly on day included laser sensors to determine if and when the device is falling.


According to the patent application, “The damage avoidance system may detect that the portable device is no longer in contact with a user and is uncontrollably moving toward a surface such that, upon impact, there is a risk of damage to the portable device,” The patent does not stop at airbags “a propulsion element, a spring, an impact absorbing structure, and a reinforced edge,”, perhaps even including lasers to determine the velocity of the downward acceleration.

Cell Phone Pouchfront-cellphone

A cell phone pouch will do just this, they protect your device and likely within a budget that works for most people. Jeff Bezos idea seems a bit overkill unless you are looking to accessorize your phone with vanity features that showcase your technological prowess. Our solution is simple and elegant, use one of our cell phone pouch’s to carry and protect your phone and carry your credit cards and other necessities. Admittedly not as exciting as what Jeff Bezos offers, but it is a simple solution to the problem.


This story was first broke on Geekwire, by Todd Bishop as the patent was applied for in February of 2010 and has recently been made public. Wild ideas are not out of the norm for Jeff Bezos, who would have thought a website that simply sells books would one day blossom into a retail sales giant? Amazons profit even funds the thoughts of grandeur, such as space flight, through the Blue Origin space flight program.