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Clumsy? Protect your Device with a Tablet Shoulder Holster

If you’re like most people you have a lot of things to keep track of in life.  Car keys, wallet, phone, papers for work or school, and now you’ve added a tablet to the mix.  Even the most coordinated person has a hard time keeping everything in its place, and chances are when you’re juggling that many items, one of them is going to hit the ground.  If you have a tendency to drop items, a tablet shoulder holster can keep your device safe and secure.

What is a Tablet Shoulder Holster?

Holsters were traditionally made with guns in mind, but they are a fantastic solution to keeping something safe, yet accessible. The holster hangs over your left shoulder while another strap goes over your right, and is adjusted for size with a velcro strap. The nylon and neoprene material makes it sleek and lightweight so you won’t feel like you’ve got a bulky bag strapped on, and it is extremely comfortable.

What will my Holster Hold?

The iPad Shoulder Holster has a universal tablet pocket that fits most tablets, including your iPad, kindle, nook, and almost any other tablet on the market.  The velcro flap keeps the tablet safe and secure, while some extra padding makes sure it doesn’t get damaged.

In addition, there is also a smartphone pocket on the front of the holster.  This space holds your phone, but is easy to get to so you can access it quickly if needed.

Want to empty your pockets?  A front zipper pocket will keep track of all those little things.  Keep money, credit cards, and tablet accessories handy in this space, and the zipper will make sure they don’t get lost.

A larger pocket on the back of the holster can hold some larger items if needed.  This space is perfect for holding a notepad, checkbook, or passport.

You have a lot of things to keep track of, and dealing with a dropped and broken device isn’t in your schedule.  Whether you’re a student, a businessman, or a Dad on the go, this tablet holster will help you keep everything you need organized, as well as secure.

If you’re interested in protecting your tablet and other devices, check out our tablet shoulder holster.