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Finding the Best Fanny Pack Alternative

fanny pack alternativeFanny packs get a bad rap. In situations where you don’t have enough stuff to justify carrying around a backpack, but too much stuff to cram it all into your pockets, having a small bag strapped around your waist seems like the perfect compromise. Unfortunately, fanny packs are viewed today as a characteristic of the stereotypical loud-mouthed tourist, or simply as an unfashionable item that can ruin any outfit.

Fortunately, there are a number of more attractive fanny pack alternatives available, and we at eHolster have rounded up a few ideas for you to consider. With these alternatives, you’ll be able to get the storage and convenience of a fanny pack without all of the unflattering strings attached.

Drawstring Backpacks

drawstring backpackIn many places, from college campuses to music festivals, it seems as if the drawstring backpack has become not just an alternative for fanny packs, but for traditional backpacks as well. Often made of nylon or other tough but lightweight materials, these small bags fit unobtrusively over your shoulders, but are also versatile enough to fit anything from a pair of running shoes, to a rain coat, to your mobile device and car keys. Conveniently, they can be easily packed in a suitcase and pulled out for a hike or a day trip during your vacation. And, as you’ll see from the above Amazon link, there are countless options to choose from with these bags, in terms of color, brand, and more.

Undercover Leg Wallet from Eagle Creek

leg walletIf you’re traveling in an area where pickpockets are common, then you might consider picking up an undercover leg wallet, like this one from Eagle Creek. With a number of zippered pockets, it’s perfect for storing your passport, ID, cash, or cellphone in a relatively secure location. It’s made out of nylon and has breathable, moisture wicking straps and back panel, so that sweat doesn’t collect around it. It’s still not the most comfortable option, and since it is concealed under your pants, it can make getting to your documents, phone, or money something of a challenge. However, for extra security, an inconspicuous wallet like this is a great alternative to the fanny pack that will announce you as a tourist in any country in the world.

The e-Vibe Leather Wallet Phone Case from eHolster

wallet phone caseThe biggest complaints about the generic fanny pack are that it is unfashionable, and uncomfortable. At eHolster, we like to think that we solved both of those issues with the e-Vibe leather wallet phone case! Easily carried on the belt, this unique phone case combines the best characteristics of a phone case, wallet, and fanny pack into one great product. Made of high-quality leather and boasting enough pockets, flaps, and slots to hold your phone, car keys, credit cards, driver’s license, headphones, cash, the e-Vibe case is a small and lightweight solution that is perfect for traveling, or just for day-to-day use.

Want to check out other phone carrying cases or fanny pack alternatives? Browse eHolster’s selection for a slew of great products!

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