How to Find the Right Shoulder Holster for Your Tech Gear

Gadget shoulder holsters are a convenient and comfortable way to carry all of the tech gear and personal items that make modern life possible. Whether you’re traveling for work, exercising or just want to carry your items comfortably, shoulder holsters can fit the bill. They allow you to get your iPhone case and other personal electronics off of your belt, out of your pocket and into a secure and convenient place. Ready to use a shoulder holster to make your life easier? Here’s what you should look for.



Comfort is your number one priority with a shoulder holster. Since you’ll be wearing it so close to your body, it’s important that it’s made out of a material that is comfortable and breathable. Neoprene and nylon are great choices. In addition, your shoulder holster should be ergonomically designed to fit. There’s no point in wearing something that won’t sit well against your body. You’ll just avoid wearing it and it will be a waste of money. Look for a holster that is designed to fit well and that can be adjusted to your shoulder and waist size.


Your shoulder holster should be built to carry as much of your gear as comfortably possible. For example, you’ll get a lot more use out of a shoulder holster that includes pockets for loose items, space for your cards and ID, places for pens and space for other accessories. Think about what you’ll need to carry with you on a regular basis and then use that list to find the right shoulder holster. For example, if you plan on using your shoulder holster to carry your items while you’re traveling, you will want space for your passport. If you frequently make calls with a Bluetooth headset, you may need space to store the earpiece when it’s not in use.


A big part of using a gadget shoulder holster is keeping your belongings safe and secure. You’ll also want to be sure that your belongings stay within the shoulder holster itself. Look for a shoulder holster that has snaps, zippers or other secure closures that will help your valuables stay put. Getting a holster that will let your valuables go flying when you’re active is not only inconvenient but can damage your tech gear and cost you money. Take a look at the gadget shoulder holster you’re considering and confirm that the pockets and storage spots will keep your stuff safe.


If you’re ordering online, it’s easy to judge the quality of your potential gadget shoulder holster. Just look at the reviews! They’ll give you a good idea of whether or not a product will live up to your expectations. Look for specific feedback about how the shoulder holster was used by the reviewer and if they were satisfied with it. Getting a terrific shoulder holster to hold all your gear doesn’t have to be hard. By using these criteria, you can find the right gadget shoulder holster that is comfortable, convenient, secure and well reviewed. You don’t have to carry your gear in your pockets any longer!

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