Need a Secret Santa Gift? How about a Wallet Phone Case?

Young Happy Couple with Presents on rug at ChristmasAll around the country, Secret Santa is gearing up! In workplaces,
names are going in a hat. Reddit is even trying to break a record for
having the largest online Secret Santa exchange. Some families, in an
effort to keep gift-giving manageable also exchange names instead of
buying for everybody.

While Secret Santa can be fun, it can also be incredibly frustrating
if you get the name of somebody who is hard to buy for, especially a
man. Yes, you can always get them a pair of gloves, or a box of
chocolates, but that’s boring. If you want to get something the
recipient will use and enjoy, consider a phone wallet case. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and one of these cases will be appreciated and put to good use.

What is a Wallet Phone Case?


A wallet phone case combines several things you need on you all the time. It has :

  • A compartment to hold a smartphone. Elasticized sides ensures almost any phone will fit securely.
  • Slots of identification and credit cards
  • A place to stash some cash
  • A zipper pocket to hold small items like earbuds, or loose change.

In addition to these features, we offer models made out of leather,
while others are constructed from a durable nylon material. Choose one
that clips on a belt, or one designed to fit in a front pocket.

On Sale Now!

Your Secret Santa recipient will be happy to get a phone wallet case
this year – and you will too knowing how much you saved. It’s like a new toy for their phone, with a practical side
that will help them stay organized. Order one today to get it in time
for Christmas!