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Phone Maintenance: How to Clean Your Phone, Remove Scratches, and Otherwise Keep it in Good Shape

clean-iphoneIn this day and age, proper care for your phone is more important than ever before. Modern smartphones aren’t just fully functional computers that can fit comfortably into the palm of your hand; on the contrary, they are also beautiful pieces of engineering craftsmanship and technological ingenuity. A new iPhone is as sleek and pristine as any piece of jewelry, and just as you want to protect your jewelry and make sure it still looks like a million bucks years after you bought it, you want your iPhone to still look brand spanking new every time you pull it out of your pocket.

With that thought in mind, here are a few tips on how to keep your phone clean, scratch-free, and great looking from one end of your two-year contract to the other.

Dealing with Scratches

There’s nothing like a scratched smartphone to ruin your day. For whatever reason, a single scratch can be the difference between a phone that looks like you just bought it and one that looks like it’s been on the receiving end of years of wear and tear. If you’ve ever tried futilely to polish a scratch off your screen with the edge of your t-shirt, telling yourself it’s just a smudge of dirt or food, you know all about the desperate plight of the scratched smartphone owner.

Preventing Them

The sad thing is that smartphones can be scratched way too easily, whether by keys or other things in your pocket or by a friend who simply doesn’t have the care you do with your phone. If you want to avoid ever dealing with scratches on your phone, buy a case and a screen protector. These items really can protect your phone and keep it in good shape, so they are worthy investments. Grab a new case today from!

Getting Rid of Them

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents just happen, and when they do, you want to be able to banish your screen scratches to the world of oblivion. Luckily, it actually is possible sometimes to remove scratches from your smartphone. All of these are inexpensive home remedies that you have probably heard of before, and they are all worth trying if you want to get rid of scratches, but don’t want to have to go through buying a new screen or taking your phone to a professional for repair.

Home Remedies

So which home remedies might work to get rid of scratches? Start by trying the materials that everyone has around the house. A popular option is toothpaste, which you can dab onto a cloth or paper towel and gently rub the scratch in a circular motion. If you’ve tried this and it isn’t working, take a look at the toothpaste you have in your bathroom. Most toothpaste companies offer both gel-based toothpaste and actual paste-based toothpaste. Only the latter type works to remove scratches.

Toothpaste is probably the most commonplace remedy for phone scratches, though phone owners have reported other remedies – from vegetable oil to silver polish to baking soda – as successful scratch removers. If one material doesn’t work to get rid of your scratch, try another! Just make sure you are being gentle with your polishing, so as to avoid adding addition scratches or wear and tear to your phone screen.