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Restaurant Server Aprons and The Benefits of Using Them

The use of restaurant server aprons is something you might have considered for your employees to wear. If you’re in the hospitality industry, especially the food and restaurant fields, aprons might be a necessity. Leaving it up to your employee’s discretion might be potentially dangerous for the branding of your restaurant. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using restaurant server aprons, and where you can purchase them!

Why Should You Buy Restaurant Server Aprons?

Restaurant server aprons have numerous advantages. Employees wear them for hygienic purposes and for protection from stains and spills.

While this is the primary reason why most people wear aprons, restaurants are also increasingly using this attire as a form of branding and employee identification.

At E-holster, we analyzed the primary usage of an apron and came up with mechanisms to make the restaurant apron more useful, convenient, and comfortable to use.

That is why we designed a durable apron that has five pockets providing your employees with adequate room for a server book, tablet, pens, change, and other essentials a waiter or waitress needs to carry out their daily activities.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to reap from our high-quality apron made to precisely fit and address your business needs.

Stylize Your Employees

When your employees interact with customers, they inadvertently convey two messages. The first message is who they are, and the second talks much about the company they work for. Remember, even before a client orders something in your restaurant, they already receive the first impression from the waiter’s dress code- and the first impression has no apologies.

Your employee’s appearance is equally or more important to what they are selling. The design of the e-holster apron has a positive psychological effect on clients. This is because it has a customizable shoulder and waist strap, which can be hidden behind the Velcro, making it look nice and neat.

Image Projection

Wearing an apron is an excellent way to make your brand and logo visible. It is vital to choose an apron that will display your business positively and be a reflection of how you want the public to view your brand.

Do you want your company to have a modern vibe? With the e-holster apron, your restaurant’s brand and logo are clearly visible to guests. This is because there are no neck-straps that obstruct the logos, and the apron advertises your company wholly to potential customers.


An apron with pockets is exceptionally convenient for your employees. This is because they can comfortably hold guest books, pens, note pads, tips, and changes, making a much smoother waiter-customer interaction.

The E-holster is the perfect fit since it has five pockets providing adequate space to carry necessary accessories.

Incident Rate Reduction

Most hospitality services and restaurant policies prohibit employees from wearing loosely fitting garments that could cause accidents. Aprons protect your employee’s clothing, uniform, and skin from fire and injuries, which is almost unavoidable in their areas of jurisdiction. The apron helps them withstand burns and other accidents. This is especially true when the apron is made from durable materials like the E-holster restaurant apron.

We build our apron from a durable ballistic nylon material that is sewn together with industrial stitching. You can expect the apron to last for a long while withstanding the rigorous daily activities of a waiter or waitress.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Our E-holster Restaurant Server Aprons

Our apron has a lot of specificities that make it stand from the rest. Some of them include:

  • It has a total of five pockets. Four of them are open pockets and one pocket with a Velcro closure strap.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, with a return and refund policy.
  •  Utility belt apron- this means it helps you stay organized and work hands-free.
  • Built to last and durable.
  • Versatile wearing options.

For more information about our apron, feel free to talk to us, and we will be more than willing to assist.