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The New Restaurant Server Apron From e-Holster

waitress with server apron

Being a server is a demanding job. You’re constantly on your feet, moving from one table to another as you fetch drinks, carry meals, clear dishes, and drop off checks. It’s important to have all the tools you need with you, and to be able to carry a few extra spares should you need them. Traditionally, a cloth server’s apron fulfills this role. This ties around the waist and has a pocket or two for pens, checks, etc. And while that style of server apron is certainly useful, it could do more. Let’s take a look at a new restaurant server apron that can get the job done better.

For those who want more out of their server accessories, the restaurant server apron from e-Holster might be just what you’re looking for.

Pouches and Straps and Comfort, Oh My!

Traditional restaurant aprons have a relatively small available space, and you can really only wear them in one way. They’re functional, yes, but not very versatile.

The restaurant server apron from e-Holster provides those.

Firstly, the e-Holster apron provides several times the storage space and pockets of other aprons. Instead of just one pocket that will fit a check or two, and a smaller pocket for pens, straws, etc., this apron has half a dozen overlapping pockets of varying sizes. So no matter how many checks, pens, straws, napkins, and other necessities you want to keep on your person, you can slip them in and be on your way without constantly having to trundle back to the kitchen or your workstation to reload. These pockets are big enough to hold an iPad or an iPad mini, as well, so if your restaurant uses higher-tech software for the ordering process, that won’t be a problem.

Flexibility of the Restaurant Server Apron

Secondly, though, the e-Holster restaurant server apron allows you flexibility in how you choose to wear it. Unlike traditional aprons, which typically tie in the back, the e-Holster restaurant apron has a strap that can be adjusted for length and comfort. So while you can wear this apron around your waist in a traditional manner, you can also sling it low on your hip if that’s more comfortable, wear it over one shoulder like a messenger bag, or even cinch it up under one arm so that it’s out of the way. There are all sorts of options, and servers can change them up throughout the day based on their needs.

Durability and Lifetime

The other unfortunate thing about traditional server aprons is that they tend to have relatively short lifespans when it comes to a working life. Since they’re usually made out of cloth, the seams tear or the ties snap with a fair bit of regularity, which means you need to pick another one up off the stack, tie it on, and start again.

The e-Holster restaurant server apron, on the other hand, is specifically built to last a long time.

Rather than just a straight cloth design, metal hardware takes the stress on all the pressure points. From the clips that hold the pouch in place to the buckle that lengthens the strap, the components are all meant to take long-term stress of carrying a server’s necessities for days, weeks, months, and even years. The material is tough, the seams tight, and it’s just as resistant to the accidents that often plague those who work in a restaurant. So from spilled drinks to splashed soup, these server pouches can take a licking, wipe it off, and keep working.

Buy Your Restaurant Server Apron Today!

Comfortable, long-lasting, and with a lot more storage than competitor’s models, there’s really no reason to keep using old-fashioned restaurant aprons. The e-Holster model evenĀ looks better, with a sleek finish that adds an air of professionalism to a server’s overall appearance. Buy yours today!