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The Restaurant Server Apron Fix-All

Server tying her restaurant server apron

All servers understand the apron dilemma. Even when employers provide a standard wide three-pocket apron, it’s a pain to fit everything, organize everything, and find everything you need while comfortably and efficiently waiting tables. The upgraded e-Holster professional restaurant server apron offers a fix-all for all your serving needs. Let’s explore why.

Losing Pens

No matter how many times you carefully hang your pin on the side of your restaurant server apron, you’ll likely lose your pin to the bottom abyss of your apron many times during your serving shift. From leaning over tables to reaching for plates and juggling drinks at the drink station, your pin just isn’t secure hanging over an apron.

Even when employers provide three-pocket aprons with a pen-holding area, the design of these aprons makes the pen too snug to easily remove, and there definitely isn’t enough room for two pens in case one pen stops working.

The professional e-Holster restaurant serving apron provides a pocket for two to three pens in one of the bottom pockets of the apron for easy access. Pens will never be lost or in shortage again with this design!

Accidental Phone Damage

A standard restaurant server apron does not provide a secure location to place your smartphone or another mobile device. They are designed so widely that your phone will easily fall down, and then you have to dig for it when you need to check it.

Cellphones are exposed when placed in traditional aprons, making the risk of accidental phone damage from spilled drinks, dish condensation, and sauce leaks quite high. With part of your smartphone exposed, there’s also the risk of running it into surfaces, as well as a higher risk of the phone falling out. There are other items that could also potentially be damaged if exposed while inside a standard apron. The e-Holster offers a secure solution with a perfectly-sized mobile phone pocket located near your waist.

Uneven Distribution

As phones slide one way and order notebooks slide the other way, standard aprons create an uneven distribution of the things you’re toting. The uneven weight doesn’t feel good either, and it can cause lower back pain if pressure is consistently pulling on your hips and spine.

E-Holster restaurant aprons, on the other hand, are designed to distribute weight evenly. They’re not as wide as standard aprons, so you can rest the weight of the items more in front of you, instead of all the way around to your hip area. The ergonomic design of e-Holster aprons will reduce back strain quickly and effectively.

They’re completely size-adjustable and securely attached, so there’s never any pinching or sagging that can also cause discomfort and back pain. You also have the option to position the apron differently over time to reduce pressure from being applied to the same area of the body every shift. It even functions as a shoulder bag when your shift is over!

Restaurant Server Apron Chaos

Whether you need to store keys, personal care supplies, or credit cards, the more stuff you put into a standard apron with only a few wide-open compartments, the more apron chaos will develop. Your stuff will just flop around insecurely. E-Holster restaurant aprons, on the other hand, offer five compartments with pockets designed to secure items. They even feature a closed compartment in the front for credit cards and other sensitive items.

Comfort & Efficiency With Your Restaurant Server Apron

e-Holster restaurant serving aprons┬áincrease comfort and efficiency for each server who wears one, and they’re also a great option for restaurants to choose for all of their servers. If you’re looking for an apron option for your serving teams, professional e-Holster aprons are the way to go.

When servers have worry-free access to everything they need, customer wait time goes down, which helps develop return-customers. Servers are also less likely to take their phones out if they know their phones are secure and protected or run to their cars to get something they didn’t want to carry in a standard apron, such as personal care supplies. Many servers also complain of back pain, and less back pain from a better apron means more comfortable and more efficient service.