iPad Carrying Case

The Safest Ways to Carry Your Mini Tablet

So you’ve just purchased a brand new iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab and are looking for the best ways to carry it with you. Mini tablets are just about the perfect portable computer. More powerful than your smartphone, your miniature tablet can become a laptop stand-in with nothing more than a snap-on keyboard. They are smaller and more manageable than full-sized iPads or other tablets, so whether you want reading material for the waiting room at the doctor’s office or a device that’s easy to take to meetings at work, you’ve made the right choice by investing in a mini tablet.

If there’s one disadvantage to mini tablets, it’s that they still aren’t exceptionally easy to carry. With Apple’s iPhone models getting closer to tablet size, it might not seem like that much of a leap to add a mini tablet to your arsenal. Still, the added dimensions of mini tablets do make a difference when it comes to portability. The iPhone 6 Plus measures 6.23 inches in height and 3.07 inches in width. The iPad Mini 4 is 8 inches in height and 5.31 inches in width. Unless you are wearing a big baggy winter coat or a pair of cargo pants, chances are that you aren’t going to be able to carry your mini tablet in your pocket. The iPad Mini 4 is also thinner (0.24 inches) than the iPhone 6 Plus (0.29 inches) so it can feel significantly more fragile and delicate in your hands.

With pockets largely out of the question and fragility a perpetual concern, how can you safely carry your mini tablet from Point A to Point B? 

Carry it under your arm 

Bags, pouches, or satchels are great ways to carry your mini tablet in a secure fashion. Lightweight and compact, these bags are small enough that they won’t be obtrusive but they are still a great way to keep your tablet close and protected, especially when you are traveling.

eHolster’s latest holster product was developed specifically with mini tablets in mind. The carrying case boasts a modular design that makes it easy for you to carry your tablet in multiple different ways. The standard shoulder strap allows for under-the-arm carrying. You can adjust the shoulder strap so that your tablet hangs lower on your body. Alternatively, you can repurpose the shoulder strap as a waist strap if you wish to wear the bag as a belt around your waist.

Belt cases are fairly popular for phones but aren’t as common for tablets or mini tablets. eHolster’s case is the exception to that rule, with a MOLLE strapping to attach the case to your belt and a leg strap to secure it even more firmly. Add a ballistic nylon design and a limited lifetime warranty and this new eHolster carrying case is easily one of the safest ways to transport a mini tablet.

There is also a range of other mini tablet carrying bags on the market. For instance, Amazon.com carries messenger-style carrying bags from manufacturers like V7, AmazonBasics, and Case Logic—all of which have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Browsing Amazon’s listings and reading product reviews is a good idea if you aren’t sure what style of carrying bag you want.

 Give it some padding

 For mini tablet users who would rather avoid using a traditional bag for their devices, a carry sleeve might be a good solution. For instance, this 8-inch neoprene sleeve case from Lacdo can provide your tablet with ample padding and protection without adding much bulk. Simply slide your tablet into the sleeve, zip it shut, and you are ready to go. Lacdo bills the case as “waterproof” and “shockproof” and says the 8-inch design will fit the iPad Mini, the Google Nexus 7, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and any 7-inch ASUS tablets. If you don’t love the aesthetics of the Lacdo sleeve, there are other similar neoprene cases available from other companies.

What about your hands?

If you are mostly moving your tablet around the house or down the hall at work, you might be comfortable just carrying the device in your hands. There are benefits to being able to grab your tablet and just go. If you are going to transport your tablet mostly by just holding it in your hand or wedging it under your arm, it’s still a good idea to give it at least a little bit of protection. Folio cases are great for this purpose. These barely-there wraparound cases often double as keyboards or stands for your device. They provide a small amount of protection—particularly the elegant padded leather designs—and make it much easier to grip and hold onto your device. They also add some body to your razor-thin tablet, which will probably make you feel a bit more comfortable about shoving the device into a standard backpack, messenger bag, or laptop bag. For best results, pair your folio case with a pack of screen protectors.

Speaking of backpacks and laptop bags, a lot of the bags on the market now have secondary pockets or side pockets that offer a good fit for mini tablets. If you want to be able to fit your tablet safely into another piece of luggage, it’s worthwhile to take a trip to an office supply store to see what they have in the way of backpacks and laptop bags. In all likelihood, you will find a bag with a snug 7- or 8-inch pocket that’s perfect for your device.


Finding the best and safest carrying solution for your mini tablet can be a challenge since most bags and cases are made for full-sized tablets. As long as you know the dimensions of your device, you should still be able to find a fairly broad selection of workable solutions. From carrying bags to neoprene sleeves to folio cases and beyond, choose the style of case or carrying solution that best suits your uses and tastes.