The Top Five Phone Safety Tips for Traveling

phone safety tipsWhen you’re traveling, especially in foreign countries, you need to be especially careful with your device.

Many people would tell you that your phone is more likely to get lost or stolen in an unfamiliar place, and the flustered furor of stressful travel day makes accidents and damage more likely, as well.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a five phone safety tips that will help you to keep your smartphone safe while you travel.

1. Use protective apps and features

Before traveling, it’s worth spending a few minutes to make things as difficult as possible for potential smartphone thieves. You can start by protecting your device with a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint scan. These features are more vulnerable than you might think, but they’ll still slow a thief down.

It’s also a good idea to look into apps that allow you to track your phone if it gets lost. For instance, Apple has a “Find My iPhone” feature that allows you to locate your device via GPS. “Find My iPhone” also includes options that allow you to remotely lock the device, or to erase all of your data so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

2. Be wary of using your phone in public

In your hometown, you might feel perfectly comfortable walking down the street and texting on your phone. In a busy and unfamiliar city, though, you never quite know when someone could come dashing by and grab your device right out of your unsuspecting hands.

As a general rule, keep your phone put away while you walk around in unfamiliar places. Not only will this greatly reduce the chance of your phone being stolen, but it will also allow you to focus your attention on your surroundings—which can save you from getting lost or wandering into a dangerous situation.

3. Back it up before your leave

The above precautions will all help to reduce the likelihood that you will lose or break your phone while on vacation. As a “just in case” measure, back up everything on your phone that is important to you. Losing photos, videos, important texts or notes, and other data can make the loss of a phone that much more of a blow, so taking time to save those things to the cloud or to your computer will help minimize the damage.

4. Invest in secure storage

One of the best ways to deter thieves is to store your smartphone in a secure or out-of-sight location. Many companies offer travel wallets or shoulder holsters that will help you to do just that! You may want to also consider a front pocket wallet to keep your personal items in your front pocket.

These options not only keep your phone closer and safer than a purse or back pocket would, but they also provide padding and protection that can save your device from an accidental drop—if not prevent the drop entirely.

5. Always keep it on you

Keeping your phone close to you and concealed at all times is the best way to elude thieves. That way, you’re not leaving your device in car, in the hotel room, or on a restaurant table—all spots from where your device can mysteriously disappear.