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Three Reasons You Should Be Using a Case with Your iPhone

Woman holding smartphoneBefore you shake your head and say something along the lines of “well of course e-Holster would encourage iPhone users to buy cases: that’s their product,” bear with us for a moment.

While it’s true that e-Holster offers shoulder holsters and wallet cases for the iPhone – as well as for other smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices – there’s a reason that such a product landscape even exists. Customers use phone cases to protect their devices because they have realized doing so is the smart and cost-effective thing to do.

Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled a list of three reasons why you should absolutely put a case on your brand new iPhone. Read on to learn more.

1. Your phone is made largely of glass: Perhaps the most obvious reason to put a case on your iPhone is that the device is made largely of glass. The iPhone 4 and 4S were arguably the most fragile models of the phone, putting glass panels on both the front and back that could easily crack or shatter if and when the phone was dropped. The iPhone 5 rethought the “glass on the back” idea, but the front of the device is still made up entirely of a panel of glass. Of course, this results in a sleek and beautiful phone, which is why Apple uses glass and why some iPhone users are tempted to go without a case. But unless you want to live out your mobile contract with a shattered phone, put a case on your phone for your own good and peace of mind.

2. Your phone is expensive: No one out there is kidding themselves into thinking that Apple products are cheap. When they are new, these phones cost $200, and that’s with a two-year contract. In short, they are investments, and as with anything else, it’s only smart and logical to protect your investment. Sure, wallet and holster cases cost money too, but it’s a considerably more manageable price tag than what you’ll deal with if you break your phone a year into your contract and have to replace it at full price.

3. Your phone has resale value: For every phone user who is still holding onto his or her first-generation iPhone 3G, there are probably 100 others who have updated two or three times since then. The two-year contract service model has made two years the lifespan for most phone devices in the eyes of users. However, nowadays, Apple (and all other mobile companies) aren’t making the huge and rapid leaps forward in smartphone technology that they once were. On the contrary, the smartphone market has more or less stabilized, represented by the fact that the iPhone 5 was a lot less of a departure from the iPhone 4 than the 4 had been from the 3G. With that in mind, these phones now have a lot more than two years of life in them, meaning that, if you must update your phone every chance you get, you can still at least get good resale credit for the old one. That is, of course, if your old phone is in good working and cosmetic condition. If nothing else, put your iPhone in a case today to guarantee yourself better resale value tomorrow.

Need a few more reasons to add a wallet or holster case to your iPhone? Check out e-Holster’s product pages to see what we have to offer in terms of protection for Apple’s flagship product.