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Tips for Traveling with Smartphones

Happy beautiful woman in Paris using phone cameraWhen it comes to traveling with your smartphone, whether you are going abroad in a foreign land or staying domestic, a phone case or phone wallet is essential to keep your device safe. However, if you are going to be traveling internationally, you are going to need more than just a bit of extra padding to keep from doing something with your phone that you’ll regret later.

Indeed, many mobile users fail to realize that their phone plan won’t do them much good internationally. When you are traveling overseas, there are likely going to be dozens or hundreds of moments where you want to pull out your phone and pop open the navigation app to get directions, or when you feel the need to do a Google search of something on the web. This type of inclination is understandable, because it’s what most of us do on a day-to-day business at home.

However, when you are abroad, all of that data usage is going to cost you in high roaming fees, and unless you want to come home to an astronomically high phone bill, you are going to want to follow the tips listed below.

Sign up for an international plan

Most mobile carriers offer international service packages, so if you know you are going to be traveling overseas – and that you want to take your smartphone along with you – sign up for one ASAP. These international plans, often dubbed “roaming packages” by carriers, will probably cost you a pretty penny, but they will still be a bargain compared to what you’ll pay if you try to use your phone overseas without a data and phone plan.

Keep track of your data usage

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to your international adventure, try to keep tabs on how much data you are using. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose all sense of data usage, especially if you buy a plan that allows for unlimited data. Knowing how much data you use will let you know where you need to cut back, which in turn will save you money. Most smartphones have a data counter in the settings menu that you can reset as needed to track your usage. Track it overseas, as well, to make sure you don’t cross into overuse.

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

If you have a hefty data plan, you might not have much use for using Wi-Fi on your phone in the States. That won’t be the case overseas, where every megabyte of data use counts and influences your roaming phone bill. Use wireless hotspots at hotels, in restaurants or coffee houses, and anywhere else where they are offered. That way, you’ll be able to browse the internet, sort through emails, or play around with apps as much as you want with no consequence.

With these and other strategies, you will be able to keep your data usage in check and inexpensive while traveling around internationally. When you’re abroad, you have a lot of different things to worry about, so don’t let your mounting phone bill be one of them.