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Top 5 Cell Phone Holsters with Belt Loops

Cell phone holsters with belt loops are great for a number of reasons. For one thing, they keep your phone safe and easily accessible at all times. Some research even suggests that by getting your smartphone out of your pocket and onto your belt, you are protecting yourself from cell phone radiation. Even getting your device a few more millimeters away from your body can be beneficial.

If there’s been one problem with cell phone holsters over the years, it’s been the clips themselves. Obviously, the defining characteristic of a cell phone holster is an apparatus that can attach your phone and its protective case to your belt. Unfortunately, on many holster cases, that apparatus is a cheap plastic clip that either doesn’t work very well in the first place or breaks after a certain amount of use.

So what’s the solution? A belt loop case, of course! There are holster cases on the market that, instead of utilizing cheap plastic clips, feature actual belt loops. By threading your belt through these loops, you not only affix your phone holster more securely than you could ever do with a clip, but you also free yourself from having to worry about broken clips. Sound appealing? If so, here are our five favorite belt loop cell phone holsters currently on the market.

1) The e-Vibe Leather Wallet Phone Case from e-Holster

The e-Holster e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case, actually features both a clip and a pair of Nylon belt loops, for extra security and stability. The clip is made of heavy-duty metal, so it won’t break off like cheap plastic clips will. The belt loops, meanwhile, are made of nylon and can stretch to fit onto belts of any size. The case itself is made of high-quality leather and is large enough to store not just your smartphone, but also your driver’s license, credit cards, headphones, and more. Like most of e-Holster’s cases, the e-Vibe is designed with universal use in mind, so whether you are an Apple fantastic or a Samsung user, the case will work for you.

2) iPhone 6S Premium Leather Belt Loop Holster from CellBee

It almost goes without saying that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are all of the rage in the mobile world right now. Following their release on September 28th, Apple’s latest smartphones sold a reported 13 million units in their opening weekend. That figure breaks the record set by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which collectively moved about 10 million in the fall of 2014.

In addition to signifying, once again, Apple’s dominant position in the mobile marketplace, the massive sales for the latest iPhone also mean that a lot of consumers are probably shopping for iPhone 6S cases right now. If you are currently in this boat and want to make sure you get your hands on a belt loop case, then this “premium leather” holster from CellBee will do the trick. A beautifully sleek leather holster with an “inner sponge layer” for exemplary shock absorption, CellBee’s case is a classy, well-made case for a classy, well-made phone.

3) Universal Horizontal Cell Phone Holster from Milan

This case from the Milan brand looks notably cheaper than both the e-Holster e-Vibe wallet case and the premium leather holster from CellBee. However, Milan’s case is handsome enough, and its price—the case is currently going for $5.95 on Amazon—will appeal to a lot of consumers. Like the e-Vibe, Milan’s universal phone case includes both a belt clip and a pair of belt loops, for maximized stability and security. And as far as universal phone cases go, this one is a pretty safe bet, regardless of the phone model or brand you are using. Indeed, the Milan holster holds a four and a half star rating on Amazon, out of 336 customer reviews. Between the low price, the customer satisfaction rating, and the fact that the case is Prime eligible, you can hardly go wrong with this case if you are doing your shopping on Amazon.

4) No. 49 iPhone Holster from Colonel Littleton

If the black leather designs of the belt loop cases from e-Holster, CellBee, and Milan aren’t your style, then perhaps this brown leather design from Colonel Littleton will. A beautiful, antique-style leather case from a trusted American leather company, the No. 49 iPhone Holster has a simplistic snap-shut design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There’s no clip on this case, so you will only be able to use it if you are wearing a belt. It also costs a pretty penny: with an $84.00, this is by far the most expensive case on our list. However, the craftsmanship of the design and the leather are truly stunning, and it’s clear even from the pictures that the No. 49 iPhone Holster is the kind of phone case that is built to last.

5) Premium iPhone 5/5S/5C Belt Loop Pouch Case from Reiko

The iPhone 6S might be all the rage in the mobile world right now, but if you’re still using an iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C (phones that are, by now, two or three years old), you might have a bit more trouble finding a good belt loop holster. This one, a simple but attractive leather case from Reiko, fits the bill nicely for older, smaller iPhones. Unlike the other cases on this list, the Reiko holster is available in multiple colors, including black, blue, pink, purple, red, and orange. It’s also inexpensive, highly rated, and Prime eligible. In short, if you liked the universal holster from CellBee (number 3) but need a case that fits an older iPhone, this case is for you.

Do you have a belt loop phone holster that you love? Did we fail to mention it on this list? If so, feel free to share your recommendations with other readers in the comments section!