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Top Five Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery

Hand holding smart phoneSmartphones have mostly gotten to the point where they can offer robust performance and outstanding battery life at the same time, without shortchanging one aspect to accomplish the other.

This statement absolutely extends to Apple’s iPhone, which strikes a perfect balance between sleek beauty, razor-sharp functionality, and resilient battery life. However, if you’ve got a long day of work or school ahead of you and know you won’t find much time to charge your iPhone, you may find yourself needing to conserve battery life. Here are five ways to do so.

1. Play with the brightness settings: It goes without saying that the brighter a phone’s screen is, the more quickly it will drain the battery. In other words, if you are planning on using your phone out in the sun all day, you might not have much of a chance to conserve battery. Anywhere else, though, reducing the brightness (and turning off the iPhone’s automated feature, which adjusts the display brightness through use of an ambient light sensor) will buy you precious extra minutes or hours of battery life without asking you to jettison much of what you love about the iPhone.

2. Keep Wi-Fi off when you’re not using it: The ability of the iPhone to access Wi-Fi networks can save you big time when you’re using a lot of data. However, when you aren’t connecting to Wi-Fi networks, switch the function off in the phone’s settings menu. Doing so will prevent your phone from consistently searching for wireless hotspots, which will in turn save a lot of battery.

3. Turn off Bluetooth: Wi-Fi isn’t the only function you can turn off to save battery life. On the contrary, if you aren’t using Bluetooth – whether with a wireless headset or an auxiliary set of music speakers – switching the function off will preserve your battery with no performance consequences.

4. Ditch automatic app updates: If you’ve upgraded to the iPhone’s new iOS operating system, you probably know that there’s a function that can automatically update your applications whenever a new version becomes available. This is convenient, since forgetting or neglecting to update apps is a common occurrence among iPhone owners. Unfortunately, since apps get updated all the time, it’s also a merciless battery drain. Turn it off and keep updating your apps manually. It’s not that much of an inconvenience and will save you headaches elsewhere.

5. Manually fetch email: You can set your phone to periodically run an automatic check of your email inbox, which is great for keeping you in the loop of your own communications, but awful for your battery. If you need to know every time an email comes in, automatic email fetching might be a necessary battery drain. For most people though, manually checking email throughout the day – which is to say, actually going into the email app and loading new messages – will be a pain-free way to save battery. Of course, you can also just keep an eye on what you are using your phone for and cut back on battery-draining practices (watching movies, playing graphic-intensive games, running GPS).

By following the five strategies provided above, you should be able to boost your battery life and save yourself some time off the grid at the end of a long day.