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Top Four Must-Download Apps for iOS 8

ios8-heroHere are four must-download apps for your Apple iOS 8.


Even if you’ve never had any problems with the default iOS keyboard—and let’s be honest, you’re probably used to it by now even if you have—the support for third-party keyboards is absolutely one of the biggest assets of the iOS 8 update. In other words, you owe it to yourself to try to find a keyboard that would enhance your productivity or your overall enjoyment of your iPhone. Fleksy is a good option: a $0.99 app that allows you to customize your keyboard in terms of size, color, and more. It’s also supposed to be the fastest keyboard in the world. You can be the judge of that – just give it a shot!


If you’re someone who is always browsing the net for interesting articles to read, but never had time to actually read them, then the Pocket app is perfect for you. It lets you bookmark pages and save them for later. With iOS 8, the app has received a sleek update that puts it on the top of the pack as far as bookmarking apps are concerned. It’s now integrated right into Safari, so you can save pages as you browse. It can also be linked right to Twitter, so that you can share the coolest articles or pages you’ve found lately and start a conversation with your friends.


Creative types, professionals, and organization nuts probably already love Evernote, which allows you to make lists, take notes, save pictures, catalog ideas, and just generally store projects in one convenient work center. Evernote can then sync across all of your devices, so that your work is easily accessible from anyone. It’s a great productivity-booster, and with iOS 8, it’s greater than ever before. The app now comes with a widget that can be used directly from the notification center, which adds Evernote to the apps you get to choose from your device’s sharing menu.

Epic Zen Garden

Okay, this one is kind of a gimmick, but it’s worth a download to see what iOS 8 can do, graphics-wise. Apple used the Epic Zen Garden app (free!) at the summer’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference to show off its new workhorse of an operating system. The app lets you explore an environment filled with beautiful buildings, peaceful cherry blossom trees, and more. It’s probably not an app you’ll want to keep on your phone forever, but for seeing just how far smartphones have come in terms of graphics and processor power, it’s worth a look.

Of course, the list of essential iOS 8 apps will only grow as developers continue to take advantage of the operating system’s new specs and capabilities. For now, though, these four programs will display a lot of what makes the new operating system update so impressive.