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Traveling? Don’t Forget Your Cell Phone Wallet Case

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected while you’re traveling. Whether you’re going to the nearby city, traveling across the country or halfway around the world, your cell phone can keep you in touch with your loved ones or with business associates. Traveling with tech has never been easier.


Tech Traveling Must Haves

No matter what kind of tech you’re traveling with, there are some must haves that will make your life easier and make it simple to use your tech anywhere.

Power Cords and Chargers

It’s amazing how often people forget these important items when they are traveling. Be sure to double check your luggage before you leave so you can ensure you’ve got all the power cords and chargers that you need to keep everything juiced up and ready to meet your needs. Consider taking a portable power pack just in case wall units aren’t available. If you’re taking a laptop or tablet, you’ll also want to include a USB cord or two just in case to make transferring files easy.

Cell Phone Wallet Case

The last thing you want to do while you are traveling is to put your valuables at risk. In addition to your cell phone itself, you’ll also have credit cards, debit cards and your ID that you need to keep secure while you travel. Unlike traditional wallets, cell phone wallet cases can keep your personal items and your phone safe. Look for front pocket style cell phone wallet cases that minimize your chances of being a victim of pick-pocketing. A cell phone wallet case will also cushion your cell phone in case it’s dropped.

Detailed Knowledge of Your Cell Phone Plan

Although it’s not something you can physically carry, having a clear knowledge of your cell phone plan will help you prepare for your trip. Many travelers get a nasty surprise when they come back home and open their next phone bill. Roaming charges, overage fees and other hidden costs of using your phone outside of your hometown can really add up. Give your cell phone company’s customer service line a call and figure out exactly what you need to do to stay on your plan.

Explore Other Options for Communication

Your smartphone has a lot other options for communication besides your calling plan. You can use WiFi hot spots and Skype to make calls without affecting your cell phone calling minutes. Other options include VoIP connections or cell phone rentals. Rentals work well if you’re going to be traveling abroad and need a lower cost solution. You can fit your rented phone right into your cell phone wallet case so you can keep it safe and secure.

Travel Apps for Your Phone

Before you depart, try out some of the most popular travel apps for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. World clocks, photography tools and other apps can make traveling for work or pleasure a joy. Test out the apps before you go so you can select your favorites and remove the rest. By following these tips and getting a cell phone wallet case to stay secure, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip and keep your tech safe.