Wallet Cases Protect Your iPhone 4 From More Than Just The Elements

iPhone 4 wallet cases, made by eHolster.com, protect more than your investment in technology, they may also protect an investment in the U.S. government. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on Apple computers $76 billion cash surplus, which eclipsed the U.S. governments $74 billion surplus they have on hand. Of course, one sells computers and one runs the government of a global financial powerhouse, you could argue they are not the same. Keep in mind the money the U.S. government has on hand is the amount above the legal debt limit, an amount which can be changed by Congress.


As of the writing of this post, Apple Computers is the worlds second largest corporation, behind Exxon Mobile Corporation. If simple iPhone 4 wallet cases can offer protection for your phone, could Apple Computers do anything for the U.S. government? Interestingly enough, if Steve Jobs helped out, it wouldnt be the first time in history a private corporation bailed out the government. H.W. Brands did a piece on the Upside-Down bailout, by J.P. Morgan in early 1895. In summary: John Pierpont Morgan, the worlds wealthiest lawyer at the time, was drawn to help Grover Cleveland, then the 24th president of the United States of America. The U.S. Treasuries gold reserves had dwindled to 9 million and the government was on the brink of bankruptcy if further runs were made by investors seeking to cash in their paper currency for gold.

J.P. Morgan met and discussed a bail-out he could provide by shoring up the U.S. Treasurys gold deficit by coordinating a massive purchase of Treasury Bills. This investment was agreed upon by all parties involved as a necessary endeavor to keep the government solvent during the financial crisis of the time. Before you run out to invest in Apple stock or stockpile iPhone 4 wallet cases, keep in mind the $74 million currently on hand with the U.S. Treasury is managed and protected by the Federal Reserve bank. The Federal Reserve did not exist in Clevelands time in office, but coincidentially enough, J.P. Morgans involvement in the 1907 recession encouraged the formation of the reserve. Created as a compromise between Wall-Street bankers and the Federal government, The Fed is still with us today. Currently the big debate in Washington, DC is how to go about raising the debt-ceiling, or the amount of money the government is able to borrow. The House recently approved a raise in the debt-ceiling, but it is up to a 12 member Senate committee to hash out the details. Perhaps the government would be wise to consider the conservative financial practices of Apple Computer, Inc. Cuts will be made to cover the fiscal short-fall, however Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare — as well as veterans benefits — will be exempt from any immediate cuts.


eHolster offers three types of wallet cases: Front pocket wallets, wallet cases to wear on your belt and one to carry in a shoulder holster under your arm. All offer quick access to your phone and peripherals. It is just a matter of your personal preference as to the one you desire.

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