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What Happened at Mobile World Conference 2015 (And Why You Should Be Excited About It)

What Happened at Mobile World Conference For people involved in the mobile technology, or even for those who just love keeping up to date with the latest gadgets, Mobile World Congress is like a holiday every year. The event, held annually in Barcelona, usually at the tail end of February or the beginning of March, frequently plays host to a slew of major announcements for the mobile world. From the unveiling of new products, to demonstrations of cutting edge technologies, Mobile World Congress is heaven for the smartphone or tablet fanatic.

With that in mind, here are a few of the highlights of what happened at Mobile World Congress 2015, as well as reasons for why you should be excited about them.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S6

The star of this year’s Mobile World Congress event was unquestionably Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone. From the looks of it, the S6 will be superior to its predecessor in virtually every way. From a sharpened HD display to a sleek metal-and-glass redesign, and from built-in wireless charging capability to a mobile pay system that will immediately work at more stores than Apple Pay does, the S6 represents a raising of the bar for the smartphone industry; your move, Apple.

2. The HTC One M9

Whilst the battle for mobile dominance has been raging between Apple and Samsung for the past few years, HTC has been pretty content to just churn out quality devices and occupy a small niche in the marketplace. The company hit a home run in 2013 with the sleek and reliable HTC One, and has been more or less operating on the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

Just like last year’s One M8 made small improvements on the original HTC One, the newly unveiled M9 will refine the M8 without changing too much. The most attractive features are a new rear-facing 20-megapixel camera (a big boost over the M8’s 4MP camera) and a sophisticated audio system that will be a huge selling point for music lovers.

3. Lenovo Vibe Shot

Speaking of cameras on phones, the Lenovo Vibe Shot wants to make the camera a core smartphone selling point again. Boasting a unique design that emphasizes the camera/phone hybrid nature of the phone—the back of the device actually looks like a digital camera—the Lenovo Vibe Shot blazes its own trail in the smartphone market.

The phone will never muster the same power and speed as the iPhone or the Galaxy, but for photographers, it might still be an attractive option. With a 16-megapixel camera and a slew of cutting-edge autofocus, stabilization, and flash technologies, the Vibe Shot will take better photos than virtually any other smartphone on the market—especially in the kind of low-light conditions that usually render phone cameras useless.

These are just a few of the phones or devices that were unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, we’re willing to bet that these devices—along with Apple’s next release—that will be getting the most buzz throughout 2014 and into 2015. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section!