Which Tablet Is Best for You?

Close-up Of Hand Holding Digital TabletHere at e-Holster, we can sell you a tablet holster for most devices on the market. However, before you buy a protective holster from us, you need to choose which tablet device is best for you, and frankly, that action can be a lot easier said than done. On one hand, shopping for a tablet nowadays is daunting because of the sheer range of options currently available.

On the other hand, the high level of competition in the tablet marketplace has forced device manufacturers to up their game and make the best devices possible. From Apple to Samsung, from Google to Microsoft, from Amazon to Sony, there are a plethora of great companies currently producing tablets, and every single device has its unique charm.

In many ways, then, now is the perfect time to buy a tablet. Mobile device technology has reached a sort of plateau, and while it will continue to improve in the coming years, it won’t move with quite the pace that it has since Apple unveiled the first iPhone in 2007. In other words, tablet lifecycles now are longer than they have ever been before. You can buy a device today and may well still be using it without issue two, three, four years down the road. With that in mind, the obvious question is this: which tablet is the right one for you?

Tablet Considerations

The Apple iPad; the Kindle Fire; the Google Nexus 7; the Samsung Galaxy Tab; the Microsoft Surface; the Sony Xperia. These are all tablet devices with their own subsets of satisfied customers, and chances are good that you would be happy with any of them. However, in order to choose the tablet that is truly the right fit for your unique needs, there are a number of considerations you should be sure to keep in mind.

  • Price/Budget: What does your budget look like? Do you have a specific budget you are trying to adhere to, or are you merely planning to buy the best thing on the market, no matter the cost? Answering this question will help to determine whether you can afford the steep price of the new iPad Air with Retina display or if you should go with a more modestly priced tablet like Amazon’s Kindle Fire or Google’s Nexus 7.
  • Capabilities: What are you planning on using your tablet for primarily? Are you mainly looking for an eReader with good Internet connectivity, or do you want a device that essentially stands in as a full-service computer or home entertainment center? For the former use, a Kindle or a Nook HD (the tablet from bookseller Barnes & Noble) are both perfect. For the latter category, larger tablets with higher levels of processor power, from the Microsoft Surface to the Sony Xperia and of course the iPad, are all more up your alley.
  • Personal Preference: Don’t discount your opinions on which tablets look more attractive than others. Aesthetic preferences are an important facet to take into consideration when buying a tablet. Other personal preferences, such as which operating system you prefer (Apple iOs? Android? Microsoft? Other?) are important as well.

Ultimately, with the number of great products currently available in the tablet market, you’ll have a difficult time making the wrong choice. However, by following the above tips, doing your research, and taking into account what exactly you want to use a tablet for, you will be able to find the perfect device to compliment your day-to-day life. Just remember to pick up a tablet holster from e-Holster to protect your device!