Barcode Scanners

Why Your Business Needs Barcode Scanners

Do you use barcode scanners or handheld computers in your job? If so, there is a good chance that your handheld device is a big part of your day-to-day work—and thus a major part of your productivity. From retail stores to restaurants and from healthcare to logistics and transportation, these handheld computers and scanners play a role in many industries that has yet to be disrupted or subverted by a smartphone application. Until that happens, these devices are 100% vital to the employees who use them.

Barcode Scanners and Handheld Computers: How Things Work in Many Businesses

Oddly, many businesses that use scanners and handheld computers don’t provide their employees with a convenient way to stow and carry those devices safely. Some of these devices can fit snugly in a pocket, but others are unwieldy and oddly shaped. As a result, it’s not uncommon for workers to set down their handheld computers or scanners when they need to have free hands. This action is understandable, but it also increases the likelihood that scanners will be misplaced, lost, or left in areas where they are at risk for damage or theft.

How Things Should Work in All Businesses

So, what’s the alternative? A scanner holster. By outfitting every employee with a scanner holster, businesses can make sure that handheld computers remain not only secure but also accessible.

In hospitality and retail industries, workers are constantly taking out their barcode scanners or handheld devices to record customer orders or finalize purchases. If the device is in the next room or in a pocket where it is difficult to grab at a moment’s notice, customer service and productivity suffer. Both these issues can have overarching consequences for your business which you can easily fix with the right holster. Most scanner holsters offer a snug, form-fitting design (to keep handheld computers from shifting or falling out) but also boast open-top designs (so the scanner can easily be grabbed and extracted).

The other benefit of giving every employee a scanner holster is extra protection. Barcode scanners and handheld computers are sophisticated tech devices, and sophisticated tech never comes cheap. The last thing you want is for your business to have to replace scanners every year because they keep getting dropped or knocked on the floor. The best scanner holsters won’t just keep your devices accessible, but will also protect them with layers of ballistic nylon and other padding materials. Even if an employee drops his or her barcode scanner, it should have some shielding from the holster case, which will prevent cracked screens, broken buttons, or other damage.

Start Shopping for Scanner Holsters Today

Don’t put your handheld computers—or your team’s productivity—at risk. Start shopping for scanner holsters today. Whether your business uses handheld computers from Zebra, Motorola, Intermec, or Getac, there are barcode scanner holsters and cases out there with your devices and scanners in mind. These protective cases won’t necessarily mean that you never need to replace a scanner or handheld computer again, but they will certainly provide a more fitting level of protection for these expensive and essential devices.