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Wild and Crazy Tablet Carrying Cases

Here at e-Holster, we pride ourselves on crafting a variety of phone cases, tablet holsters, and device traveling wallets that can protect your devices and make them more easily portable at the same time. We also acknowledge that there are a lot of companies out there making accessories for iPads and iPhones, Samsung Galaxy products, and other popular smartphones and tablets, and some of those companies have gotten particularly…shall we say, creative…with their tablet carrying cases.

Here are some of the most bizarre tablet cases that we’ve seen in the last few years.


A few years ago, the company TYPAD actually made an iPad pillow case that embedded the Apple tablet on one side of a microsuede couch pillow. Unfortunately, it looks like the product has been discontinued—perhaps due to some lukewarm reviews from Amazon users—but the idea does have promise. While slipping your iPad into a pillow isn’t really a feasible option if you are looking for a carrying case, it does seem like it would work well if you were letting your kids play games on the device at home, and wanted to make sure that it didn’t get broken.

If you are interested in the iPad-as-pillow concept, other companies have tried out this concept—both as a tablet case and as an iPad stand.

DIY with Duct Tape

Who needs to spend money on a protective iPad case when you can just make one out of stuff you probably have lying around the house? That’s what one reader of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) did back in 2010. The user and his DIY iPad case got featured everywhere from Engadget to Business Insider, and the design is still something worth trying out, even though it’s been nearly five years since it first grabbed headlines. The creator of the case, a guy by the name of Frank Hsueh, made a pretty decent protective case out of duct tape, double-sided tape, and a bubble mailer envelope. The silver exterior of the case even looks a bit like a MacBook pro, thanks to the silver color of the duct tape and an Apple logo sticker that came with Hseuh’s iPod Shuffle.

Etch A Sketch

It’s tough not to love this particular iPad/iPhone case design, which comes from startup company Headcase. The protective device cases in question are designed in the style of an Etch A Sketch—the classic red mechanical drawing toy that the Ohio Art Company first introduced back in the 1960s. The case doesn’t actually turn your iPad into an Etch A Sketch, as a failed Kickstarter project from 2012 supposedly would have done. However, it does give your tablet a completely unique and fun look that will, as Headcase says, allow you to “be the coolest kid in the conference room.” The iPhone incarnations of the case are also a lot of fun.

Quilted by Chanel

Designer tablet cases have never really caught on—if only because it seems a little bit ridiculous to carry your iPad around in a case that costs considerably more than the (already expensive) iPad itself. That could be why this quilted Chanel iPad case seems to have vanished from the market. Made of high-quality leather, and featuring an attractive enough quilted aesthetic, this tablet carrying case nevertheless earns the descriptors of “wild” and “crazy” for the fact that it was originally priced at $1,555.

Fellfische Monster Case

Want to find all of the world’s most unusual iPad and tablet cases in one place? Direct your web browser to Etsy or CafePress. The users on these DIY boutique marketplace sites come up with some fascinating ways of storing your devices. This user, for instance, makes iPad cases out of terrycloth that are made to look like cute little monsters called “Fellfische.” The vendor hails from France, and the Fellfishe supposedly originate from a French short film. The resulting cases are pretty adorable, though terrycloth doesn’t exactly seem like the most protective padding material in the world. Still, for parents who let their young kids play with their tablets, these cases might be a fun little bonus for the little ones.

Other Etsy Highlights: As mentioned above, Etsy is basically a collection of all the wildest and craziest tablet cases on the planet. You can find pretty much anything you could think of on Etsy, from a variety of bacon-themed cases, to this popular case that has a moustache face on it.

Waterproof Wonders

Look, you probably shouldn’t take your tablet with you when you go swimming, or use it in the shower. Most tablets already don’t do well on the beach—those shiny screens don’t like sand—and the prospect of actually taking your device into the water with you is, well, pretty wild and crazy. If you do want to try to use your tablet in the water, though, this case available at TrendyDigital.com might do the trick. The WaterGuard case for the iPad is basically like a heavy-duty plastic bag that your device slips into. You can still use your touchscreen through the plastic, and the case forms a watertight seal so that your iPad won’t suffer any water damage.


As you can see, there are a lot of different options available when it comes to tablet cases, and many of them are quite unusual.

If you would prefer a more simplistic tablet carrying case option that emphasizes function over flare, try e-Holster’s tablet shoulder holster. Featuring a lightweight design that hangs your tablet right under your left arm, the shoulder holster gives you immediate access to your device whenever you need it, while also providing plenty of protection. Sure, it might not look like an Etch A Sketch, but you’ll love the design for its accessibility, versatility, and affordability. Shop at e-Holster today for other great ways of protecting and transporting your phone or tablet!