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The e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case Leather Large is a unique, belt-worn case that combines the functionality of a fashionable leather cell phone case and a leather wallet.

This case is designed to fit larger smartphones like the Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 and similar size smartphones.

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Carry Your Large Smartphone, Wallet & Pocket Items in a Beautiful Leather Case That Securely Attaches to Your Belt

(Note: The video above shows the smaller size e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case. The functionality of the e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case Leather is exactly the same as shown in the video).

The e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case Leather Large is a unique, belt-worn case that combines the functionality of a protective leather cell phone case and a leather wallet. This case id designed to fit larger smartphones (phablets) such as Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (with and without thick rubber or plastic protective cases).

Comfortably worn on a belt with a heavy-duty, low-profile belt clip, and the added security of two nylon belt loops, this leather case is designed to carry and protect wallet items (currency, credit cards, business cards, etc.), keys, and items normally carried in your pockets.

Universal Smartphone Pocket to Protect Your Smartphone

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather Large Open FrontTo secure and protect your smart phone, this case contains an easily-accessible, universal smartphone pocket that is designed to fit most large smartphones (some times known as “phablets”).

Elastic Sides

The smartphone pocket is made with elastic sides to accommodate most larger smart phones and to allow for quick and easy access to your phone. It will also fit phones with most thin and thick cases (rubber and plastic).

Finger Push-Up Hole at Bottom

The smartphone pocket has a large finger push-up hole at the bottom to assist in removing your phone.

Protective Closure Flap with Magnetic Snaps

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather Large Front PocketSafely secured by hidden magnetic closure snaps (uses “rare earth magnets” that are guaranteed not to affect your device or credit cards), the protective closure flap of the leather wallet case covers and protects your phone from the bumps and grinds of everyday life.

The protective flap is easily opened by pulling back on the flap and snaps back closed by placing the protective leather flap over the pocket.

Outside Pocket

The outside of the protective closure flap has a pocket for quick and easy access to things like business cards, or earbuds for your phone.

Inside Currency Pocket, ID Holder & Credit Card Slots

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather Large Inside Credit Card SlotsAn inside currency pocket is designed to hold currency or other flat items such as receipts and business cards.

ID Holder Slot with Thumb Slide

An ID holder slot to hold a drivers license or other form of identification.

It also includes an oval shaped ID thumb slide to help you quickly slide your ID out of the holder.

Four Credit Card Slots

There are four credit card slots that hold up to three credit cards or business cards within each slot.

Inside Mesh Pocket & Zippered Coin Pocket

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather Large InsideMesh Pocket with Elastic Opening

Inside the Wallet Case contains a quick-access, mesh pocket with elastic entry to store additional phone accessories and small loose pocket items.

Zippered Coin Pocket

Behind the mesh pocket is a zippered coin pocket to keep and hold loose change and other loose pocket items.

Heavy-Duty Belt Clip and Two Nylon Belt Loops

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather Large Belt ClipHeavy-duty Belt Clip

The back of the Leather Wallet Phone Case includes a heavy-duty stainless steel belt clip to quickly and easily attach the case to your belt or pants.

Tough Belt Loops

For additional security, the case also includes two very strong nylon webbing belt loops.

Convenient Key Clip

The upper-right corner of the back side of the wallet case has a convenient key clip to quickly attach car keys, home keys, work keys or any other keys normally carried in a pocket.

Handcrafted with the Highest Quality Materials

e-Vibe Wallet Case Leather MaterialsThe e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case Leather for Large Smartphones is handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship using only premium PU leather and nylon materials.

The core of the phone case is made with heavy-duty, premium PU leather materials. The inside wallet is made with soft nylon material. The belt loops are strong webbing straps.

Wallet Case Dimensions

  • Overall Case Size – 3.875″H x 7.0″W x 1.25″D
  • Universal Smartphone Pocket Size 3.0″H x 6.325″W x 0.75″D can stretch to accommodate thicker smartphones
  • Outside Quick-Access Accessory Pocket Size 2.5H x 5.0W x 0.1D
  • ID Holder Slot 2.5H x 3.25W x 0.01D
  • Card Holder Slots – 2.5H x 3.25W x 0.01D
  • Currency Pocket 2.75H x 6.0W x 0.1D
  • Zippered Coin Pocket – 2.5H x 6.0W x 0.3D
  • Quick-Access Mesh Pocket 2.25H x 6.0W x 0.3D
  • Belt Clip Specifications – 1.9″L x 0.875″W x .25″D. Made for up to 1.5″ belt widths but will accommodate most belt widths.
  • Belt Loop Specifications – 2 – 2.25″L x 0.75″W. Made for up to 2.0″ belt widths.

This wallet case is compatible with the following phones:

  • Acer Liquid S2
  • Alcatel OneTouch Hero
  • Alcatel OneTouch Hero Two
  • Alcatel OneTouch POP Mega
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Asus Zenfone 6
  • Google Nexus 6
  • HP Slate VoiceTab II
  • HTC One max
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 7
  • Lenovo S930
  • Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
  • LG 3
  • LG G Flex
  • LG G Pro 2
  • LG G Vista
  • Motorola Droid Turbo
  • Motorola Moto X
  • Nokia Lumia 1520
  • Nokia Lumia 1320
  • OnePlus One
  • Oppo N1
  • Plum Coach Plus II
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
  • Sony Xperia Z3v
  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra
  • ZTE Grand Memo II LTE
  • ZTE X Max+

*Please measure the outside of your device to be sure it fits in the “Universal Smartphone Pocket” (3.0″H x 6.325″W x 0.75″D).

24 reviews

24 reviews for e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case Leather Large

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  1. Tall_Texan

    Recently I was unable to find a replacement eHolster, so I tried some other brands. None of those brands provided the security or the storage options available with the eHolster. Yes, after a couple of years, I agree these eHolsters begin looking rather sad. But…as the eHolster is very inexpensive, I don’t mind tossing the old one and purchasing another. This order of three eHolsters will be my 4th, 5th, and 6th eHolster purchase. I have been using this product since 2014. In all that time I have never had an eHolster zipper failure or any other failure. I recommend the eHolster

  2. Paul_Barrozo

    It’s the right size, holds everything, durable and belt clip never fails.

  3. AJP

    This unit is perfect for medium to large phones, with elastic at either end so you can cram in a pixel 7 pro with no problem. I’d used an identical unit (cloth, not leather) for years until the zipper died. Luckily, these came back in stock.It has a secure, zipper-secured “wallet” section, with slots for lots of charge cards, id’s etc. and an additional internal zippered section inside that to keep money, etc. Also, and external id clip.Highly recommended.

  4. Dom_V

    I realy keeps my carte safe in my belt

  5. Joy

    Husband REALLY liked this cell phone holder after trying a number of other styles. Used daily for a number of years, finally just wore out. So happy we could get the same one again.

  6. Gregory_M_

    These are great phone holders/wallets. They are the only holsters that I can find that double as a wallet. The clip is actually riveted, so it is unlikely to fail. t stays attached to my belt very securely and I never worry about it coming loose or falling out. The only issue I have is that these e-holsters have problems with the zippers failing after about a year. For about $10, they are great. But to pay more than that would be hard to support since the zippers are not of very good quality.

  7. Bill_B

    I like this product and have used it for years. Time for a new one. My phone fits but once I put on the protection device it is a real squeeze.

  8. TR

    The best feature is that this wallet can be threaded through a belt so it can’t be dropped or taken easily when traveling. It holds a phone perfectly along with all the necessary cards one needs to carry. The new model is larger so bigger phones fit snuggly and they are easily reachable when required. After six years mine was still working but the leather wore away and it looked a little ugly. At this price it’s a real bargain with all the function you may ever need. Bottom line: I love it. I hope I can get another in 2027.

  9. Felix_A_Ruiz

    Just what I needed and fast shipping

  10. Kindle_Customer

    This is my 4rd one of these cell phone wallets. I wore out the first 3.The zippers fail after a whileLove having my money and credits cards in the same case as my phone all securely on my waist.

  11. rj_murphy

    I’ve always hated sitting on my wallet and phone in my back pocket. So this work’s perfect for me.

  12. J_J_

    Same as my previous…..all good

  13. Terry

    It’s the third one I have purchased. I like the convenience of having easy access to my I.D.

  14. Marc_De_Giverny

    This E-Holster is my second one… I loved the first one so much than when it start showing age and abuse, I decided to replace it with the same one, but new… I wore the other one for 5 years non stop and I was extremely happy with it, but after 5 years it started to show abuse and needed to retire early… I am a shuttle driver and it is practical to have everything you need beside your phone, in your holster more than in your pant’s pockets. Quality and price gave me no hesitation to re-order from your company.

  15. Amazon_Customer

    Nothing Like this phone case ever, you can keep everything thing in one spot from credit cards, cash to car keys plus your phone. i would not use anything else but eholster !!!!

  16. Keokan

    This is a replacement of another one that endured four years of heavy duty. Also, I have purchased other items from them since 2013 and all the items are well made and trustworthy. Thanks e-Vibe.

  17. Maureen_A_Kidd

    I hate carrying a purse any more. This gives me the ability to carry my phone, cash, ID and credit cards on my hip with easy access to everything I need.

  18. Quilting_Nonny

    This is the only phone case my husband will use.

  19. C_W_Marr

    This wallet was exactly as pictured and of good quality. It should serve my purpose very well. The price was excellent.

  20. Amazon_Customer

    I am a returning customer, these wallets are excellnt

  21. nancy_urban

    It’s a great case But DO NOT BUY THIS ONE IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE 6 — it’s too big – it’s made for the larger iPhone 6 Plus.Search for the same item but for the iPhone 5 – this case will fit the 6It’s a great case … I,vet had several of them

  22. Dale_Irving

    Excellent quality and exactly as described. A bit heavy with my Moto X, a bit of cash and credit cards, but what wouldn’t be.

  23. Xudong_Y_

    very nice, so I give 5 stars.

  24. Kris_Custom

    My husband has had both the leather and nylon versions of e-Vibe. He found that the leather wallet is not as durable for his daily use, and looks very worn after 5-6 months. However, his ballistic nylon case is going on two years looking nearly as good as day one. He actually keeps a new leather case for his more formal business trips and uses the nylon case on normal days. Both wallets are very well made. The zippers are strong but open and close easily into a sizable compartment. The magnetic closure is just right to keep a phone secure but allow you access when you want it. I uploaded images of his loaded nylon wallet in the Ballistic Nylon listing.

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