Barcode Scanner Holster with Rotating Belt Clip Fits Zebra TC72

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Performing your job without your handheld computer is not an option. That’s why e-Holster has created the most rugged industrial soft case to carry and protect your MC65 handheld computer.

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A Highly-Durable Case for Motorola Symbol Zebra MC65 Handheld Computer

MC65 holster frontPerforming your job without your handheld computer is not an option. That’s why e-Holster has created the most rugged industrial soft case to carry and protect your MC65 handheld computer (and MC67).

The e-Holster MC65 case is designed with an open-top for quick access to your device and elastic sides to keep your handheld computer firmly within the case when it’s not in use. And, includes a heavy-duty, removable, rotating belt clip to comfortably wear your device on your belt.

The case is designed and manufactured to withstand extensive daily use, even in the most rugged of industrial applications.

Made with Rugged Materials for Extensive Daily Use

MC65 holster front no deviceWith highly-durable ballistic nylon material on the outside and soft nylon material on the inside the MC65 case will make it easy for you to carry and protect your device each and every day. Each case is hand-crafted and individually inspected to pass our high-level of manufacturing quality.

Elastic Sides

The e-Holster MC65 case has elastic sides to comfortably hold and cradle your device, and to keep it held firmly within the case as you move around throughout your work day.

Soft Padded Inside

To protect your MC65 from the bumps and grinds of your daily work the MC65 case is built with protective padding inside. The inside padding is covered with a soft nylon material to protect the device and to make it easy to slide in and out of the case several times a day.

Open Top for Quick Access to Your Handheld

For fast access to your handheld, we have designed the MC65 case to have an open top. The open top allows you to quickly grab your device on the sides with one hand while leaving your other hand free.

Heavy-Duty Rotating Belt Clip

Heavy-duty rotating belt clipDesigned to accommodate an active work day, the MC65 case has a heavy-duty belt clip that rotates 360 degrees to move with you as you move throughout your day.

As you get in and out of your vehicle, the rotating clip allows the case to move from side-to-side so you aren’t continuously being jabbed in the side by your case.

Detachable Belt Clip for Quick Access to the Case

MC65 holster back with clip offTo make the case even more usable, we have designed the belt clip to be removable.

While the case is on your belt, simply rotate the case 45 degrees, lift up, and the case becomes free from the belt clip (which remains on your belt).

When you’re ready to use the case again, turn the case to a 45 degree angle, slide the belt clip back into its holder, turn the case to an up-and-down position, and your ready to go.

Handmade with the Highest Quality Materials

Highest quality materialsThe e-Holster MC65 case is hand-made with the highest level of craftsmanship using only highly-durable ballistic nylon, and nylon materials.

The belt clip is manufactured with heavy-guage steel for years of rugged use.

All the case materials come with our limited lifetime warranty.


  • Overall Case Size: 6.5″H x 3.4″W x 1.25″D (can expand for thicker devices)
  • Case Back: 6.5″H x 3.4″W (with an open top to accommodate taller devices)
  • Case Front: 5.25″H x 3.4″W (with an open top to accommodate taller devices)
  • Belt Clip Specifications – 2.0″L x 0.9″W x .6″D (made for up to 1.5″ belt widths but will accommodate most belt widths)

This case is also compatible with the following handheld computers:

  • Dolphin 7800
  • Getac PS336
  • Honeywell Dolphin CT60
  • Honeywell Dolphin CN51
  • Honeywell Dolphin CN75
  • Honeywell Dolphin CN75e
  • Intermec CN70e
  • Intermec CN51
  • Janam XP20
  • Janam XP30
  • Motorola Symbol Zebra TC70
  • Motorola MC40
  • Motorola MC55A0
  • Motorola Symbol TC55
  • Motorola MC45
  • Motorola MC55N0
  • Motorola MC60
  • Motorola MC65
  • Motorola MC67
  • Motorola MC2180
  • Unitech PA700
  • Unitech PA692
  • Wasp HC1
  • Zebra M60
  • Zebra TC75
  • Zebra TC21
  • Zebra TC26
  • Zebra TC72
  • Zebra TC77
  • Zebra TC52
  • Zebra TC55
  • Zebra TC57
  • and similar sized barcode scanners.

*Please measure the outside of your device to be sure it fits.

38 reviews

38 reviews for Barcode Scanner Holster with Rotating Belt Clip Fits Zebra TC72

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  1. James_abbott

    I love this product as an fedex driver it does great just keep track of witch way it’s facing and don’t let it flip up side down!

  2. bill_

    What we expected thank you

  3. Amazon_Customer

    We received new Zebra devices at work and unlike the previous models, we did not get clips to carry them on our belts. With everything I carry at work, I needed a holder that is durable and will hold the device. This fits the bill for all I need. My coworkers also ordered this and we have no complaints.

  4. Natalie_Roussel

    Just was looking for something to use my scanner to even put weight balance

  5. Niche

    Excelente producto

  6. Gregory_Wolfe

    Good product. Price is good and item is as described.

  7. Miguel_A_Torres

    Es justo lo que necesito.


    Resistent and useful


    I previously bought this case back in 2018 and had a number of issues with it breaking off the belt clip. This was a known issue by the sellers. They went back, reviewed and modified their design and due to my issues that they gave me a free replacement.I have been using their new design for about 9 months now, and could not be happier. The durability is top notch now and I have never had an issue since. I strongly recommend this as the case to “get” based off my daily use of it.

  10. Rhonda_Simpson

    Easy to clip right on my pants I can use it with my belt or with out my belt My computer handheld fits right in The holster isn’t bulky it’s just perfect For my type of work I’m a sales representative so this perfect for me Good thing is I won’t ever misplace my handheld again Thanks to my holster 😁😁

  11. Vagirl

    Is perfect to hold the scanner in while working on the dock.

  12. Luis

    It’s a very good product

  13. Erica

    Thank you. This is the correct size and the holster is perfect.

  14. Gabrielle

    At work I was always laying my telson or Zebra down and forgetting where I put it!! Also if I put it in my work vest, it would fall out. I love this, no matter how much I bend over it never falls out!! Got a place for a pen however a thin one. If I could change anything, I would add a little style to it for us ladies.

  15. cliff102

    Nice looking and well made. Have only been using it for a week. So far so good.

  16. Junior_carbajal

    Great I use it for work and it is amazing.

  17. BrettB1970

    For what I purchased it for, it’s a well rounded product. It could be made better, with a Velcro flap top, and a quick detach belt buckle, rather than the turn-to-disconnect.It is a very durable product. Protecting the device in the pouch

  18. Amazon_Customer

    Fits the device I’m using perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. The clip doesn’t fall off my pants either. This has made my job a little more convenient. Awesome.

  19. matthew

    One of the best industrial portable telephones sold in the world is the Durafon series from Engenius. The worst thing about those phones is there is not a good durable holster on the market that is a good fit for their phone. We are a system integrator and have sold hundreds of these w/out a holster (95% of our customers all ask for one). I bought this holster but it’s not a great fit. Can you make one? Lots of re-sellers like us and thousands of customers world wide would be very happy!!!!Thanks

  20. Wellington_Andrade

    Really good! My PTT fits in perfectly!

  21. Alamoca

    I purchased this product to use to put my TC70X in that I always keep putting down and losing. It is very durable and works great! Very sturdy for the price.

  22. lily4

    I needed this for the scanner I use at work, as we keep losing the ones they provide. This fit exactly.

  23. Isaac

    It’s perfect for what I need

  24. Henry

    Is a huge asset by keeping an expensive piece of equipment safe while keeping it at the ready and hands free to do other work when needed.

  25. Franklin_D_Marks

    Very happy with purchase, would buy from again

  26. Herme_Douglas

    the holster is of good quality and works well for our staff.

  27. Fordwinstarjose

    perfect and beautiful

  28. Mike_Johnson

    The MC40 for the holster perfecly. Highly recommend

  29. Jeff

    Very comfortable and sturdy

  30. Amazon_Customer

    The holster is perfect.

  31. J_Sells

    Awesome product. Great quality, easy to use. We have about 30 people using this all day and no issues. Quality product. We wanr to purchase more.

  32. Michael_j_king

    It worked Great for about 3 dayz! It hit the floor with the $2K TC70 inside…Upon inspection the bottom rivet on the belt loop broke! Zip tie to the rescue. Tried putting it back on my belt and the other rivet let go!!!!!! It has 2 zip ties holding it together now. I’ll eventually go to a hardware store for a bolt and lock nut combo for a permanent fix. I just looked at the product pics and the close up of the bottom rivets. You can clearly see the issue of bad rivets.

  33. Public_name

    I have used this everyday for over a month and it’s great. Edit it’s now been over 7 months and it’s still holding up great. I did see a friend that got one with a bad rivet, but I took a small screw and nut and fixed it and they have not had any issues for about 5 months now. Great product.

  34. Amazon_Customer

    My MC40 always fell out of my vest pocket at work, but I haven’t had it fall since I started using this! I highly reccomend this for anyone who works at Walmart or uses an MC40.

  35. Todd

    The belt clip on mine came apart fairly quickly but other wise it works great

  36. Rich

    Product arrived on time and works great.

  37. Anthony_J_Thayer

    Works great for the MC40.

  38. eeyore4726

    This item is exactly as described. This case is perfect. I purchased the case for work and I believe that it will hold up nicely.

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