Barcode Scanner Holster with Rotating Belt Clip Fits Zebra MC9500

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e-Holster has created the most rugged industrial soft holster to carry and protect your Motorola Zebra MC9500, MC9500-K or MC9596 mobile computer. Includes a heavy-duty rotation belt clip and removable adjustable shoulder strap.

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A Highly-Durable Holster for Motorola Zebra MC9500 Mobile Computer

MC9500 frontCarry And Protect Your Device

Performing your job without your handheld mobile computer is not an option. That’s why e-Holster has created the most rugged industrial soft holster to carry and protect your Motorola Zebra MC9500, MC9500-K or MC9596 mobile handheld computer.

The e-Holster MC9500 holster is designed with an open-top for quick access to your device. And, includes a heavy-duty, removable, rotating belt clip to comfortably wear your device on your belt.

The holster is designed and manufactured to withstand extensive daily use, even in the most rugged of industrial applications.

Made with Rugged Materials for Extensive Daily Use

MC9500 front outWith highly-durable ballistic nylon material on the outside and soft nylon material on the inside the MC9500 holster will make it easy for you to carry and protect your device each and every day. Each holster is hand-crafted and individually inspected to pass our high-level of manufacturing quality.

Soft Padded Inside

To protect your MC9500 from the bumps and grinds of your daily work the MC9500 holster is built with protective padding inside. The inside padding is covered with a soft nylon material to protect the device and to make it easy to slide in and out of the holster several times a day.

Open Top for Quick Access to Your Handheld

For fast access to your handheld, we have designed the MC9500 holster to have an open top. The open top allows you to quickly grab your device on the sides with one hand while leaving your other hand free.

Elastic Pen Holders

Both sides of the holster include an elastic pen holder for quick access to a pen or stylus.

Heavy-Duty Rotating Belt Clip

Heavy-duty rotating belt clip

Rotates 360 Degrees

Designed to accommodate an active work day, the MC9500 holster has a heavy-duty belt clip that rotates 360 degrees to move with you as you move throughout your day.

As you get in and out of your vehicle, the rotating clip allows the holster to move from side-to-side so you aren’t continuously being jabbed in the side by your holster.

Detachable Belt Clip for Quick Access to the Holster

MC9500 holster back with rotating belt clipTo make the holster even more usable, we have designed the belt clip to be removable.

While the holster is on your belt, simply rotate the holster 45 degrees, lift up, and the holster becomes free from the belt clip (which remains on your belt).

When you’re ready to use the holster again, turn the holster to a 45 degree angle, slide the belt clip back into its holder, turn the holster to an up-and-down position, and your ready to go.

Handmade with the Highest Quality Materials

Heavy duty materialsThe e-Holster MC9500 holster is hand-made with the highest level of craftsmanship using only highly-durable ballistic nylon, and nylon materials.

The belt clip is manufactured with heavy-guage steel for years of rugged use.

All the holster materials come with our limited lifetime warranty.


  • Overall holster Size: 9.5″H x 4.25″W x 2.25″D
  • Device Pocket Size: 7.0″H x 4.25″W x 2.25″D (with an open top to accommodate taller devices)
  • Belt Clip Specifications – 2.0″L x 0.9″W x .6″D (made for up to 1.5″ belt widths but will accommodate most belt widths)

This holster is also compatible with the following handheld computers:

  • Honeywell 99EX
  • Intermec CK71 (without gun)
  • Intermec CK70 (without gun)
  • Intermec CK3X
  • Motorola Zebra MC9500 (without gun)
  • Motorola Zebra MC9596
  • Motorola Zebra MC9500-K
  • Motorola Zebra MC9200
  • Motorola/Symbol Zebra MC3000 (without gun)
  • Motorola Zebra MC3100 (without gun)
  • Zebra Motorola MC3190 (without gun)
  • Zebra Motorola MC3200 (without gun)
  • Zebra Motorola MC3300 (without gun)
  • Zebra Workabout Pro 4
  • and similar size devices

*Please measure the outside of your device to be sure it fits.

17 reviews

17 reviews for Barcode Scanner Holster with Rotating Belt Clip Fits Zebra MC9500

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  1. E_Harrison

    I use this all day, everyday at work. It has been a major factor in improving my efficiency.

  2. Chris

    This is a great holster for me. I do deliveries and need both hands often. I wear it on my belt toward the back. It detaches if you need it to and swivels which is good for driving.

  3. Amazon_Customer

    This item is good I ordered a little big but it’s still torn at the bottom and the cardboard in side the back wall is bent

  4. papi

    great product fits my POS handheld perfectly !

  5. Gary_Greenleaf

    good for the money

  6. Amazon_Customer

    Just what I needed.

  7. Amazon_Customer

    This case is perfect to my hand held computer

  8. Devon_Reid

    I love this product, I can fit it on my belt loop and remove it easy as neededComfortable and secure

  9. Kabezula

    Great Product!…Works great during my route

  10. Martin_Radon

    Looks and fits perfectly

  11. Andre_foster

    Product is very just too big for the scanner I use

  12. Vianney07

    Great item.

  13. Jason_Bourne

    Too big for the scanner is was made for.

  14. Matt

    I put the holster through a rough working environment for over three months including rain and snow. A small hole is starting to form on a lower corner and there’s some pilling and loose thread on the fabric but it’s still serving its purpose. Will probably last even longer for someone who isn’t knocking the holster into things all day.

  15. Vincent_Diodad

    Perfect!Exactly what I was looking for.. thank you very much..Well made and large enough for my power pad..

  16. Jason_Carr

    holster it self is well made but the swivel belt clip is made poorly , it can not stand up to everyday use!

  17. RittZula

    just what I needed

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