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A Buyer’s Guide to Travel Wallets

Travel wallets are specifically made with one purpose in mind – protecting your valuables when you’re on the go. Using a money clip or small wallet is good for some situations. Money clips can fit in your front pocket and really reduce the amount of items that you are carrying. They are a good solution if you’re running to the store or want to keep your valuables with you while exercising at the gym.


However, when you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, you’re going to need more than just a few cards. You’ll need your ID, your credit cards, debit cards, association cards and, most importantly, your smartphone. Traveling without your smartphone is almost impossible if you want to stay connected.

Managing all of your items and keeping them secure is easy when you have a travel wallet. Travel wallets are different from standard wallets and very different than money clips. They are designed to carry money, ID, cards, your smartphone, cash and coins. It’s exactly what you need for traveling.

Finding the Right Travel Wallet

Once you decide that a travel wallet is the right purchase for you, it’s time to find the right model. Travel wallets come in different shapes, sizes and configurations. Here’s what to look for in a travel wallet that will meet your needs.

1) Secure Everything in its Place – One of the main benefits of travel wallets is that they have spots for everything that you need. Seek out a travel wallet that can accommodate everything you’ll need to take with you as you’re traveling. Although a lot of travel wallets have room for cards and money, not many can carry your smartphone. Considering the fact that your smartphone is essential traveling gear, doesn’t it make sense to find a travel wallet that will help you carry *everything* you need?

2) Protect Your Valuables – The biggest fear of travelers is to get pick pocketed in some distant location. The easiest place for thieves to get a hold of your valuables is for them to reach into your back pocket. And if you think that you’ll be able to feel if this happened – think again! Pick pockets are masters of distraction. A travel wallet that allows you to put your valuables in your front pocket or hidden in a shoulder holster keeps your items secure and lets you travel worry free.

3) Made of Quality Materials – When you’re evaluating travel wallets, you need to find one that is made of a high quality material – like leather. Travel wallets need to be durable and last through all of the wear and tear they’ll experience. If you decide to buy a cheaply made travel wallet, you’ll only end up needing to replace it quickly. You’ll save more money and be better protected by looking for a wallet made of high quality materials.

With this buyer’s guide to travel wallets, you’ll be able to find just the wallet to suit your needs.

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