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Travel Security Wallets: Protect Your Valuables

If you love to travel, or need to travel often for your job, it’s important to have accessories that make your life easier. This is even more important when you’re traveling long distances and overseas. Being comfortable and protecting your valuables is of utmost importance. Although selecting the right carry on and travel bag are important, even more important is your travel wallet selection.

A travel security wallet is a bit different than a regular wallet. Normally, they have more space and holders for different types of personal items. You can safely store your credit cards, debit cards, passport, traveler’s checks, airline tickets and even your smartphone. With a comprehensive travel wallet you’ll have everything that you need for safe and secure travel at your fingertips.

With a secure travel wallet, your valuables can stay safe while you travel and have the ultimate in convenience. If there’s some type of accident as you’re traveling and you lose your luggage or experience another problem, all of your most important stuff is saved securely in your front pocket or in a shoulder holster.

Why You Need a Travel Security Wallet?

Travel wallets are absolutely essential when you’re traveling. No matter whether you’re going across the state for business or halfway across the world for pleasure, travel security wallets can give you peace of mind. With all of your valuables in one location, you’ll never have to go digging through luggage, carry ons or your briefcase in order to find your passport, credit card or iPhone.

In addition, a security wallet can help prevent theft while you’re traveling. If you find a design that fits into your front pocket, you’ll keep it away from thieves and ensure that your valuables are safe. Keeping your credit cards, traveler’s check and smartphone away from “sticky fingers” can help keep your trip from being a total disaster. Imagine being away from home, without money, without your phone and having to find a way to cancel your cards, get funds and get home without ID. Even though your credit card company and cell phone provider might have a hefty replacement plan, they may replace them so slowly it will be an inconvenience to you.

Selecting a Travel Security Wallet

While you’re shopping for a travel security wallet, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, they aren’t as slim as a money clip. They are designback-sideways-phone-money2ed to carry all of your valuable items while you are traveling – so don’t be surprised if they are bulkier than a money clip. Wouldn’t you rather have a wallet that protects your things than one that is slim and doesn’t hold enough?


Even though travel security wallets are larger than the standard billfold, it doesn’t mean that they have to be bulky or overstuffed. If you find the right travel security wallet, you should be able to put it in your front pocket in order to keep your items secure.

Finally, you’ll need to find a travel security wallet that is made of fine material – like leather – so it can handle the wear and tear of traveling.



evolve-wear-openYou may also be interested in a travel shoulder holster to secure your personal items. This is a comfortable shoulder holster that allows you to secure your credit cards, passport, ID cards, currency, change, your smartphone or cell phone, while giving you quick and easy access to your personal items.

With a travel security wallet, it’s easy to travel while feeling secure and protected. You can have all of your items at hand right where you need them and the peace of mind knowing that you’re safe from thieves.

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