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Apple Pushes into Smart Home Technology

smart-home2Apple isn’t content with the iPhone just being one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. The company wants its device to be more than just a communication device, a means for accessing the Internet, a music and video player, a camera, a video game platform, an e-reader, and probably a dozen other items. Now, Apple wants the iPhone to also be the device at the center of all smart home technology.

A recent article published by The Telegraph indicated that Apple intends to make a big announcement at this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference surrounding the use of the iPhone as a remote control “for lights, security systems and other household appliances.” Such a move would be Apple’s first real foray into smart home technology, a field that other companies – including big competitors like Samsung and Google – have already begun exploring.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Most smart home technology is built around creating everyday appliances with Wi-Fi capability and a range of new features. Smart TVs, for instance, connect consumers directly to the Internet and are therefore perfect for linking with Netflix or Amazon Prime video streaming accounts. Meanwhile, smart fridges, washing machines, security systems, thermostats and other similar appliances can be controlled remotely from mobile devices via the Internet, giving consumers the ability to control certain parts of their home from afar.

Why Use Smart Devices?

The appeal of smart home devices is not difficult to determine, especially for users who have become inseparable from their smartphones in recent years. Forget to activate the home security system? Do it remotely, without having to drive back home. Want your house to be nice and cool when you get home from a long trip, but don’t want to leave the air conditioning on the whole time? Activate the AC when you’re an hour or so away using the Internet. When used correctly, smart home technology could be a huge boon for both budget and convenience.

Apple’s Smart Home Technology

A decision from Apple to not only move into the smart home market would be notable for numerous reasons. First of all, if Apple is indeed going to unleash an entire smart home system, then the move would stand as one of the biggest collective product announcements in the history of the company. Thus far, Apple hasn’t moved very far beyond computers and mobile devices. While the size of the company’s smart home system remains to be seen, it would have to be a fairly sprawling set-up to compete with what is already on the market and really make a splash.

The other big point about Apple’s looming announcement is, of course, the tie-in with the iPhone. The company has rarely been anything but loyal to its mobile users, and giving those users the option and ability to control a complete network of home appliances right from their iPhone (or, presumably, their iPad) would turn the device into an even more useful tool than it already is. It’s a genius move from Apple, and one that could actually stand as the next big iPhone innovation that mobile industry analysts have been looking for. It just happened to come in a different form than anyone expected.