iPhone Rumors

Looking at the iPhone 6 Rumors

apple_rainbow_logoIf Apple stays true to the “third Friday of September” release date plan that it has observed with the last few iPhone devices, then the latest product in the company’s flagship phone line is still three months away. That hasn’t stopped iPhone 6 rumors from leaking to the web, however, nor has it kept Apple fans from making premature judgments about the company’s supposed plans for the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

Since last year saw minor update phones in the form of the iPhone 5S and 5C, that means that 2014 is a year due for a big redesign from Apple. However, now that rumors about that redesign have begun to arise online, Apple users aren’t so sure they are ready for the forthcoming changes.

A Larger Screen

The biggest rumor currently making its way around online technology boards is that the iPhone 6 will be a markedly larger phone than any of its predecessors. With a display that measures at 4 inches, the iPhone 5S is one of the smallest and most compact smartphones on the market. In comparison, the HTC One M8 has a 5-inch display, while the new Samsung Galaxy S5 has 5.1 inches. Supposedly, the new iPhone will be more along the lines of these two popular smartphones, with rumors suggesting a likely display size of 4.7 inches.

Rumors of a bigger screen have received mixed reception from iPhone users. After all, the comparatively small iPhone 5S is perfect for users looking for ease of portability, but not so great for those who want their smartphone to double as a tablet and be a viable tool for reading eBooks, watching movies, editing photos, or carrying out other tasks that demand a lot of screen space. A bigger iPhone will cut down on portability, but will appeal to many users as smartphones continue to become the one-stop-shop tool for all entertainment purposes.

Copycat Conundrum

A bigger problem with the rumored iPhone 6 redesign is that many Apple fans worry that it may cause Apple to lose what differentiates the iPhone from other smartphone options. Ever since the iPhone first hit the market in 2007, it has retained the same basic design, shifting shape and size a bit, but always remaining visibly the same brand of phone. Adding nearly another inch to the display size would make the iPhone 6 a huge departure from what made fans fall in love with the iPhone brand in the first place.

Worse, it would risk becoming a copycat of the Samsung Galaxy – a put-down that many have already levied against Apple’s iPhone 6 concept. Since Apple has been extremely aggressive about going after presumed copyright infringers, the company’s decision to make the iPhone more like every other device on the market seems almost hypocritical.

Two iPhones?

Another rumor is that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is merely one of two devices Apple will release this fall. Last year, the company unveiled two phones at once – the 5S and the 5C – for the first time in its history, and many expect 2014 to see a similar phenomenon. The second phone is supposedly a phone-tablet hybrid, perhaps with the working name of “iPhone Air,” which would mimic the way that the iPad line has developed. Presumably, the iPhone Air would be thinner and bigger than the iPhone 6, with a 5.5-inch display and a design caught somewhere between iPhone and iPad.

What do you think of these iPhone 6 rumors? Which new phone would you consider buying? Or would you rather that Apple stuck with the smaller, more compact size of the current iPhone models? Share in the comments!