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Bikes: The Next Mobile Device Charger?

BambooBike2In recent years, it’s become remarkably easy to charge your mobile devices on the go. From automobile companies that have added USB ports to their cars, to coffee shops that have built charging ports right into their tables, corporations everywhere have gotten the message that staying charged and connected at all time is a high priority for customers.

Unfortunately, the easy phone-charging phenomenon hasn’t yet made it into most rungs of physical fitness or outdoor activity. It’s still tough to charge your device when you’re in the middle of a 15-mile run, out in the woods for a camping trip, or out for a two-hour bike ride. While some people would probably tell you that this is a good thing—after all, getting outside and exercising or exploring is a chance to get away from the otherwise constant presence of mobile electronics—that doesn’t mean that connectivity becomes irrelevant for everyone.

Introducing the Bamboo Bike

That’s where Bambootec—a Mexican company hailing from the Yucatan Peninsula—enters the equation. The business has developed a groundbreaking new invention: a bicycle, made out of bamboo, equipped with a mobile device charger. Best of all, the charger doesn’t use any electricity. Instead, it delivers a charge to your device’s battery by harnessing kinetic energy. In other words, the bike charges a phone battery as you pedal.

The system is quite ingenious, using an energy converter to capture kinetic energy and turn it into electricity. The electricity then travels through a system core—unobtrusively located, according to, underneath the bicycle seat—which regulates the voltage and makes sure that the proper and even level of energy is delivered to your mobile device. Some of the energy also goes to a dashboard system, located on the handlebars. The dashboard is meant primarily as a navigator, which means that cyclists won’t even have to kill their smartphone batteries trying to pull up their route on Google Maps.

Better Charging Methods

For physical fitness nuts, the new bicycle from Bambootec is exciting enough as a standalone invention. Imagine never again having to worry about your phone running out of juice during a bike ride. The concept is particularly great for people who use their bikes to get everywhere they go.

Even for people who never get on a bicycle, the technology behind the bamboo bike deserves attention. A similar system might be able to create better and more energy efficient charging methods for cars and other vehicles. Heck, it might even be able to be utilized—on a smaller scale, of course—for some sort of charge-by-hand system. There are already flashlights and other electronics out there that you can charge by turning a crank. How about a phone case with a built-in system to do just that? Sure, it wouldn’t be easy for a hand crank system to generate enough kinetic energy to charge an entire battery, but it could come in handy in emergency situations, when you just need enough juice to make a single call.


Do you have any other ideas for how the new Bambootec technology could improve the mobile industry? Let us know in the replies.