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The Four Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners

apple_rainbow_logoIn many workplaces, use of iPhones or other mobile devices are discouraged, simply because employers worry that their workers will use those devices to check social media, browse the web, send text messages to friends. In short, employers worry that smartphones will distract from the productivity of their workers. If you are a small business owner, though, your opinion on smartphones will likely be different. Indeed, with the right applications and strategies, an iPhone can transform from a daily distraction into the most useful tool in your arsenal. With that in mind, here are four iPhone apps that are essential for a small business owner.


If you can’t afford a receptionist and don’t have time to sort through email, social media feeds, and other communications every day, then is the perfect app for you. This application links to your email inbox and syncs with social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, so you can monitor your communications in one convenient place. The core purpose of the app is to keep track of customer requests and questions, but you can also assign projects to employees so that your entire team stays on the same page. Best of all, the app is a free download!

2. Evernote

To run a business is to juggle a million different things at once. How can you possibly remember it all? With the Evernote app, of course! Another free application, Evernote allows you to build to-do lists (complete with checkboxes!), take notes, and snap pictures, so you never forget a great idea or a big responsibility again. You can even search through your notes, so that you don’t end up with the digital version of rifling through stacks of paper in search of that one thing you wrote down during a meeting last week.

3. Credit Card Terminal (from Inner Fence, LLC)

Don’t want to invest in an expensive cash register system for your just-starting-out business? Never fear: Credit Card Terminal—an app from Inner Fence, LLC—is the perfect solution. With this app, you can accept credit card payments right on your iPhone or iPad. You even get a free card reader when you register an account with Inner Fence, so you will be able to get your mobile payment terminal up and running right away!

4. FreshBooks

Keeping track of your business’s finances is something that has become much easier with the advent of the smartphone. There are a lot of different accounting apps out there that are great for tracking profits and expenses. We’re particularly fond of FreshBooks, an accounting app that integrates with the cloud for easy finance tracking, invoicing, and more. You can use the app on a 30-day trial basis, after which it costs $19.95 per month.

Of course, there are other apps that serve all of these purposes. One of the great things about mobile these days is how many alternative options you have if you don’t like a specific app. Still, each of the programs listed above has a function that will help to make your life as a small business owner easier.

Got any apps that you’ve used to save your business or protect your productivity in the past? Share them in the replies!