Cure Your End-of-the-Summer Disorganization with a Wallet Phone Case

Businessman sinking in heap of documentsSummer has pretty much ended, and it’s always hard to believe how fast
the season flies by.  You’re on the go, and between work and play things
get a little crazy by the end of summer.  Maybe you can relate to a
recent email we received and how wallet phone cases got things back on track.

Still Reeling from Summer Chaos?

“This summer has been the best one yet.  I’m crazy busy, but loving
every minute of it.  I am taking care of my work obligations, doing some
traveling, and taking advantage of every hour in the evening hanging
out with friends, relaxing at the beach, or going for a walk or run.  I
figure I will catch up on my sleep in the winter.  However my summer of
fun has turned my life into chaos.  I downloaded some new music that I
wanted to listen to on my run but couldn’t find my earbuds.  They
finally turned up in my carry-on bag from a business trip last week.  I
had shoved my credit card into the pocket of my shorts when I met some
friends for an impromptu dinner and didn’t remember until the shorts
went through the washer and dryer.  The credit card is clean, but
slightly melted.  Luckily I found my driver’s license before it hit the
washer, as it was in another pocket from a recent run on the beach.  I
can’t even remember how m
any times I had to ask a friend to call my phone so I could find it.  I
was so tired of wasting time looking for my belongings every day that I
invested in a wallet case for my phone.  It keeps everything I need in one place,
and I feel like I’m back on track.”

Get Organized for Fall

If you’re looking for a way to keep your everyday essential items in
one place, a leather wallet phone case might be your solution.  It has a pocket to
hold your iPhone (or other smartphone) secure, a pouch to store small items such as
earbuds, and a zippered pocket to hold loose change.  It even has a
place for your keys and spots to store identification, credit cards, and
cash.  If you would like, you can attach it to your belt to keep it
easily accessible.  Or, chose a sturdy ballistic nylon design, and
don’t waste the last days of summer hunting for your things.  Keep all
your important items in one wallet case so you can go out and enjoy the
end of the summer.