A Leather Wallet Phone Case For Your Busy Executive

As an assistant to a very busy executive in the corporate world, your primary job is to keep your boss organized and stay on top of his/her work schedule. Daily travels to luncheon meetings near and far will make matters worse when you notice that he/she has a tendency to misplace phones, wallets, and personal/corporate credit cards so you decide on finding a quick solution.

October 16 is “National Boss Day”

You recently discover that “National Boss Day” is October 16 and it will be the perfect time to surprise your boss with a special gift… a leather wallet phone case.

Help Keep Your Boss Organized

A leather wallet case for their phone is practical as well as functional to keep your boss organized with his business travels. All important items can be stored in this particular case which will minimize valuables lost. Your boss will appreciate that all of the personal and business items are safely stored in his new leather cell phone wallet case. If they have an iPhone or other smartphone then this is perfect. Say goodbye to future panic attacks, massive searches in his/her office, endless phone calls to banks, credit card companies, etc.! You can finally enjoy a worry free work life.

cell phone holster with belt loop


Whether you are working as an assistant or currently a busy executive looking for organization, you can have peace of mind knowing that this leather wallet case will exceed your expectations. This case is fully equipped with a pouch for a smartphone, identification card and credit card slots, and a zippered pocket for cash. Everything that a businessman will need for his on-the-go work lifestyle is easily kept in this case.

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