drop leg bags

Drop Leg Bags: 5 Times These Hands-Free Solutions Are Ideal For Everyday Life

If you’ve seenĀ drop leg bags, your first impression might be that they look like something straight out of a 90s comic book (which was around the time every costume was covered in belts, pouches, and belt pouches). However, while they definitely have a tacti-cool look to them, these accessories are also extraordinarily practical in hands-free solutions.

For example, you might find these bags ideal with these 5 hands-free solutions:

#1: Riding A Motorcycle

Whether you have a roaring Harley, or a scooter that’s just convenient for getting around town, you’ve likely noticed how tough it can be to bring your necessities along. More to the point, though, if you’ve got the wind whipping through your hair, you don’t have the luxury of open-top pockets. All it takes is one wrong breeze, and your wallet, ID, cell phone, or anything else that isn’t locked-down will go flying, never to be seen again. Hence why it’s useful to have a thigh-mounted bag where everything is zipped closed and buckled down, but which is still within easy reach without getting off your bike.

#2: Enjoy Going Hiking

If you’ve ever been hiking, then you know one of the most important rules is to bring only what you need. However, you also know that it’s also about how you’re carrying what you brought with. Nothing quite saps the beauty of the scenery like that nagging feeling of your jacket pockets being dragged down by weight, or the bulge in your jeans pressing against you as you walk. A drop leg bag lets you store your necessities in a convenient, compact location that is supported by your body’s frame. So there’s no awkwardness, no dragging, and as long as you properly adjust your straps, no chafing. And you can keep everything from your map, to your ID, to a couple of snacks right on-hand.

#3: Do a Lot Of Crafts

One of the great truisms about working with your hands is that you always need a way to carry everything conveniently. Whether you’re a woodworker, a costumer, or you just like to do home improvements on the weekends, a drop leg bag is an ideal addition to your gear. It gives you easy places to carry everything from nails and screws, to your seam ripper, scissors, and other hand tools. You only have so many hands, and if you need a central location to store your stuff in, one of these bags is an ideal craft companion. Especially if you need to bend, squat, or climb ladders in order to get the job done.

#4: Don’t Like Carrying A Purse?

There is some weird, unspoken rule in the world of women’s fashion that they aren’t allowed to have real pockets. This is the main reason so many women carry purses, but those bags can be a strain on the shoulder, and a pain to keep track of when you’re out and about. If you never seem to have enough pockets for your needs (especially during warmer weather when you can’t just put on a jacket or a vest), then a drop leg bag is an ideal way to keep your daily necessities in a single, easy-to-reach place.

#5: Want Your Devices Safe, And Secure?

Every day it feels like we’re more wired than we were before, and our devices quickly become a necessary part of our routine. While most of us can just keep our smartphones in our pockets, if we like to have a tablet, or other mobile devices on hand (along with the charging cables and other accoutrements that come with them), then a leg drop bag is an ideal way to have them close to hand without constantly hauling around a carrying case.

These hands-free solutions will make your life easier!