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3 Solutions to Constantly Dropping Your Phone

In the world of cell phones and mobile devices, we all know at least one person who is constantly having to replace their device or work with a cracked screen because they simply cannot stop dropping their phone. No matter how careful they try to be or how many protection methods they try, at some point that phone is going to come tumbling out of a pocket or falling through inexplicably clumsy fingers and once again bounce off the ground with an unpleasant crack. If you are the person that everyone knows who is always dropping their phone, you’re probably pretty sick of constantly having to repair, fix, and super-protect your phone from every little fumble.

We’ve been thinking about the phone problem for a while, especially for busy professionals who work standing or on-the-go and have to deal with their phone all the time. To help out everyone from teenagers to retirees who have the fumble-fingers problem when it comes to your dropping your phone, here are some of our best ideas so-far.

1) Protect, Protect, Protect

If you find yourself dropping your phone on a regular basis, the first and best thing you can do for it is to protect it from falls and scrapes as much as possible. Even with a tether attached to your day, clothes, your phone will, at some point, have nothing between it and the floor but your hand. Tempered glass screen protectors are more impact resistant than the flimsy flexible kind and they can last for years or be replaced every few months depending on how much it gets scratched. Thick rubber casing can also absorb impacts, especially on the corners, and add a little ‘bounce’ instead of ‘crash’.

2) Neck Wallet

travel neck wallet solutions to dropping your phoneOnce you have your phone all wrapped-up against danger and damage, let’s talk about keeping it off the ground for good, especially while you’re out and about. Some people use hip-clip holsters to keep their phones at pocket-level but if this is a recipe for more drops for you, consider playing things a little closer to the chest. Literally. neck wallets often have a slot near the top big enough for your standard slender smartphone. This can allow you to put your phone somewhere safe and literally tethered to your body. You might even be able to answer it while still lodged in the case and it this arrangement makes it even easier to listen to music through your phone with earbuds.

3) Wallet Phone Case

wallet phone caseFinally, you may have better luck if you combine your phone with something else that you are somehow more careful with. Ask yourself, in all the times you pull your wallet from pocket or purse to pay for something or show your ID, how often do you drop it? If you drop your phone but not your wallet, consider pairing the two with a convenient Wallet Phone Case. These wallets are specifically designed to hold a phone and keep it safe and you may be able to overcome your subconscious urge to smash your phone if you combine it with an item you wouldn’t dream of dropping on the ground lest someone pick it up and steal your credit, debit, library and gift cards.

Phone safety is something that thousands of people struggle with every day. From naturally clumsy people to those of you who are constantly dropping your phone, if you’re constantly dealing with cracked cases and phone replacements, it may be time to rethink how you keep your phone on your person with protection, neck wallets, or wallet phone cases. For more information about innovative phone protections strategies,¬†contact us¬†today!