What to Do When an Ex-Employee Leaves With Their Gear?


Every team deals with the occasional employee turnover. Someone moves for family or new opportunities and you find yourself saying goodbye. They give notice, maybe there’s a cake, and they spend the last day turning over their duties to those who remain. But what do you do when one of your team walks off-site still wearing their work-issued gear?

This problem happens more often than you might realize. Professionals get so used to wearing them – especially if they regularly wear them home and arrive in it the next day – that they don’t realize they’re leaving the job for the last time while still wearing their utility belt, holsters, service apron, or holster. Neither you nor they realize until hours later that they should have turned them in on the way out.

So what do you do next? It depends on when you realize the gear is missing and just how far gone your recently ex-employee really is. 

Ask Them to Swing By and Return It

If you catch the missing gear early and your ex-employee is still nearby, you can simply call them up and ask them to drop it off. Professionals who are still in the local area might have no problem swinging by the workplace for a few minutes to drop off their barcode scanner, holster, and badge. This is the easiest way to resolve a simple matter of equipment oversight.  

Replace the Taken Gear

Can’t get ahold of your previous employee? This can happen when someone picks up roots or moves right after their last day. You may no longer have current contact information. In this case, your best solution is likely to simply replace the gear. Belts and holsters are the sort of thing you should have extras of on hand, and a replacement order will make sure your inventory is current and your backup supplies or well-stocked for the next hiring wave.

Charge Them for the Gear

If your ex-employee hasn’t received their last paycheck yet – and is not available to return the gear – you can choose to charge it. This is most appropriate for handheld computers and barcode scanners that are worth a significant amount to the company and should never have left company grounds.

Send Someone to Pick Up the Gear

In some cases, a recently departed employee will be nearby, but unavailable to drop off the kept equipment. They might be elbow-deep in moving plans or currently without a car. In this case, it might be worth your while to send someone by to pick up the gear. Ask another employee to swing by the house of your previous employee – with prior permission – and pick up their pack of personal gear that belongs to the company. Ideally, send a friend and colleague of the ex-employee and someone who lives nearby so it won’t’ be far out of their way.

Email a Return Shipping Label

Employee long gone with your gear? That’s not as big a problem as you might think. Ask your employee to simply ship their work-provided device and/or gear back to you through the mail. Make this easy and affordable by sending them a digital shipping label to print and package on the box. This saves your ex-employee money and ensures that you get the entire set of gear back even though the ex-employee has moved away.

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