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Five Awesome iPad Mini Carrying Cases

Figuring how to transport your mini tablet can be harder than with other devices. It’s too small to fit most “universal” tablet bags or cases, but obviously too large to fit in most pockets.

Sure, you could put it in a backpack or purse, but most mini tablets are so compact that they would get jostled around in a bag—risking scratches and other damage.

Luckily, there are a few top-tier options on the market when it comes to iPad Mini carrying cases. Read on to find out about some of the safest and most stylish cases on the market right now.

1) e-Holster’s iPad Mini Carrying Case

e-Holster’s latest carrying case was designed specifically for mini tablets. Like other cases in the e-Holster collection, this mini tablet holster case boasts a modular design with adjustable straps. There are also multiple straps to choose from, including a shoulder strap (if you wish to carry your tablet under your arm) and a leg strap. The shoulder strap doubles as a waist strap if you would prefer to wear the tablet at your hip. In such scenarios, you can strap the leg strap around your leg to secure your tablet and make sure it isn’t just hanging loosely at your hip.

In addition to the modular, multi-use design, e-Holster’s new mini tablet holster was also built with safety and durability in mind. The case is made of sturdy ballistic nylon and features a large protective closure flap. Finally, the padded pocket is of a universal mini tablet size, so it can comfortably fit an Apple iPad Mini, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, a Barnes & Noble Nook, an Amazon Kindle Fire, or other small tablets.

2) Saddleback Leather Pouch

For buyers who prefer a more classic look, this leather pouch from Saddleback Leather Co. might fit the bill nicely. The pouch is made from genuine heavy-duty leather and almost looks like a traditional cowboy gun holster. There’s just enough space to fit an iPad Mini or iPad Mini Retina—though Saddleback doesn’t mention compatibility with any other mini tablets in the product specs. A core selling point is that the entire pouch is leather—including the carrying strap and the tie mechanism used to close the case. The absence of snaps, buttons, zippers, or other such components means that there is nothing breakable on this case—perfect for maximum durability and length of usability. The price is a bit steep, but the aesthetic is lovely, and you can choose from three different colors.

3) EveCase UltraPortable Carrying Case

If the $99 price tag of the Saddleback case seems about 10 or 15 times out of your price range, don’t worry: there are other options. For instance, one of the most popular iPad Mini carrying cases on is this “UltraPortable” case from EveCase. The simplistic design uses neoprene and an “impact foam wrap” to keep your mini tablet secure and safe. Slip your tablet into the case, zip it up, and use the handle to carry it like you might with a laptop bag. The case is available in a variety of different colors and designs, from a relatively minimalist black design with red trim to kid-friendly featuring dinosaurs, bears, zoo animals, and more. Many tablet owners use this case in concert with iPad Mini keyboard portfolios, and there is plenty of space inside for both the tablet and a keyboard case. Best of all, the case is only $5.99, but still has an average review of 4.5 stars out of more than 500 ratings.

4) Pink Samsung Galaxy Tab Cover Case

Ladies looking for something a bit more feminine and elegant should check bertiescloset, an Etsy store that trades in stylish Android tablet cases. This case is a subtle pale pink and is made primarily from linen and cotton (though there is a foam padding interior to protect your tablet). There’s also a front pocket for other belongings. The tablet closes with a cute button and string mechanism. The case is billed as a Samsung Galaxy Tab cover, but bertiescloset offers custom designs, so you can easily get a version that suits whichever mini tablet you are using. The Etsy store also offers a similar design in a variety of different colors and patterns.

5) V7 Premium Messenger Carry Case

Billed as an iPad Mini case on Amazon, this messenger bag-style case from V7 is more of a universal mini tablet design. The product description says that it can carry “tablets up to 8.1 inches in size,” which should do the trick for most mini tablets on the market. The gray and black design is attractive without calling attention to itself, while the 300D polyester design provides ample protection for your tablet and is stain resistant. The pocket is lined with soft plush, which gives a bit of extra padding to your tablet and helps to prevent scratches to the screen. There are also three exterior pockets, so the bag can also carry your phone, keys, cords, planner, and more. Like the eHolster carrying case, this V7 messenger back also includes modular straps for a variety of different carrying configurations.


Having a heavy-duty, well-padded, and easy-to-carry case for your mini tablet will protect it from the kind of jostling that can cause exterior scratches or even interior damage. It is a good idea to opt for a case geared specifically toward a mini tablet. A snugger and more secure fit can and will make all the difference. With that said, investing in a package of screen protectors for your mini tablet is still a good idea. Cases can only protect your device when you aren’t using it. Screen protectors can help prevent scratches, dents, or dings for the rest of the time.

Do you have a favorite iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab case that we missed? Share your product recommendations in the replies!