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Five Reasons to Choose Leather for Your Drop Leg Bag

drop leg bag leatherFrom nylon to plastic to leather to various types of fabric, companies use a broad range of materials when creating a drop leg bag. When it comes time to pick out a drop leg bag to carry your tablet and all of your personal items, deciding which material you like best will define the rest of your search for the optimal case or bag.

Why You Might Try out a Drop Leg Bag in Leather

Wondering what to expect from a drop leg bag leather? Here are five advantages that you will get from going down the leather route.


A big part of the reason that leather has remained a popular choice for everything from couches to wallets to purses over the years is its durability. If you purchase a 100% genuine leather bag for your tablet, you can bet that it is going to stand the test of time. Not only can a more durable carrying case save you the headache of replacing it after a year or two of constant use, but it will also provide extra protection for the belongings within. Since tablets like the iPad are so expensive (the cheapest version of the iPad Mini 2 is $269, while the iPad Mini 4 starts at $399), it’s important to pick a carrying bag that you can count on to keep your device safe.

e-Holster’s drop leg bag leather is not only crafted from 100% genuine leather, but it also uses reinforced pockets and flaps, high-quality metal fasteners to connect the bag and the straps, and zippers that won’t break after just a couple of uses. Add a snug pocket designed specifically to fit miniature tablets and this bag has the durable kind of build necessary to transport your tablet safely from point A to point B. e-Holster even backs this particular bag with a limited lifetime warranty.

Timeless Appeal

The other reason that leather has remained such a popular choice for so many different types of products is its timeless stylistic appeal. Styles change, and trends come and go, but leather never seems to lose its reputation as a classic, great-looking fabric. If you are buying a durable tablet bag that you intend to use for years to come, it’s also important to pick out one that matches your stylistic sense and won’t go out of fashion. The timeless elegance of leather combined with a simplistic but beautiful design makes for the perfect tablet carrying bag.

Eco-friendly production and disposal

Choosing a 100% natural leather carrying bag for your new tablet also means selecting a genuinely eco-friendly product. While the manufacturing process for synthetic leather uses a lot of chemicals and pollutants, leather is natural and requires minimal processing or chemical treatment. Leather is also bio-degradable—something that a lot of the other materials used for tablet cases and carrying bags don’t have going for them

Easy maintenance

For how fantastic it looks, leather is one of the easiest fabrics to maintain over the long-term. For instance, it doesn’t attract dust or lint like many other fabrics do, which means that it retains its cool, clean look always. Leather doesn’t absorb dust, dirt, and other debris, which means that you can easily clean it using a simple dusting cloth. Too often, black garments, furniture or bags become magnets for showing off any type of debris—from cat hair to pollen and beyond. Products like e-Holster’s leather drop leg bag give you the clean, stylish look of black without the added attraction of dust and other particles.


Leather is durable enough to ward off abrasions, breaks, and other threats to your tablet. However, it is also a surprisingly soft and flexible fabric. The result, especially when it comes to tablet carrying bags, is the best of both worlds. You get the added protection of a sturdy, durable material, but you also get the flexibility of an easily maneuverable fabric bag. With a leather carrying bag, it’s easy to find room for all your stuff without sacrificing the protection of your tablet. For instance, e-Holster’s drop leather carrying bag has a dedicated pouch for your tablet, but also houses smaller pouches for spare change, credit cards and ID card, car keys, wallets, makeup, and more.


If you are looking for a timeless, aesthetically stunning tablet carrying bag that will stand the test of time, be easy to maintain, and provide enough space for all your usual pocket belongings, then you might consider trying a leather design. At e-Holster, our brand-new Drop Leg Bag in Leather is a perfect option for your first leather tablet bag. In addition to its leather design, the bag includes a shoulder strap and an adjustable leg strap. With these two straps, you have the option of carrying the bag over your shoulder or wearing in on your hip, strapped securely around your leg.

At e-Holster, we might encourage you to look at leather as an option for your drop leg bag. Our new Drop Leg Bag Leather is an attractive, classy, and high-quality tablet case meant for mini tablet designs. We designed the case to fit the Apple iPad Mini, as well as other smaller tablet models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and more. Perhaps the element that most sets this drop leg bag apart from other tablet carrying cases, though, is the leather design.

These days, nylon bags seem to be in vogue among buyers shopping for tablet carrying cases. At e-Holster, we even have a few nylon shoulder holsters to choose from—particularly for larger tablets. However, if you are looking for something a little more unusual or a bit more traditional, then our new Drop Leg Bag Leather might be the perfect design for you.