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Four Tips for Traveling with an iPad

There is an extensive list of reasons for why the Apple iPad makes for a fantastic travel companion. Larger and more robust than a smartphone, the iPad is perfect for checking flight times, pulling up boarding passes, browsing the web while you wait at your gate, or getting some work done on the flight. Add the fact that the iPad is considerably less bulky than most laptops and it’s also easier to use on the plane and easier to pack with the rest of your luggage. The iPad is, to put it simply, a traveler’s best friend. Or at least, it can be especially if you follow our four tips for traveling with an iPad.

There is also the other side of the coin with an iPad. The slim, aesthetically pleasing design of the iPad is gorgeous, but also means the device is fragile. When you’re bustling around from one gate to the next or trying to navigate public transportation, you need to be careful to make sure you don’t drop your iPad. Otherwise, you might be contending with a shattered screen and a pricey repair or replacement. The iPad is also a supremely enticing target for thieves, which means you will want to keep it close to your person at all times during your travel day.

This guide is designed to help you get the most of your iPad while traveling, all without falling prey to some of the device’s bigger travel-related pitfalls. Keep these four travel tips in mind for the next time you decide to take your iPad with you on the go.

1) Be Careful with Public Wi-Fi

It’s tempting to use public Wi-Fi when you are traveling—especially if you are overseas and can’t use data at all. However, there are dangers associated with public Wi-Fi. When you are on a public, unsecured network, your device runs the risk of being unsecured as well. Other people on your network could potentially intercept any unencrypted data that you send or receive during your session. In some cases, hackers might even use HTML code injection to present you with fake webpages and login screens in an attempt to steal your personal information.

If you must use public Wi-Fi, be smart about it. For $3.99 a week, $9.99 a month, and $100 a year, you can use the Cloak service to keep your device and your information safe. Cloak is an iOS app that allows you to create a VPN (virtual private network) every time you connect your iPad to a Wi-Fi network. In other words, Cloak creates a secure network for you using an unsecured public network. You still get free Wi-Fi, but you get the protection you would expect from your home or office network.

2) Load Your Device Up with Entertainment

While having Cloak installed on your iPad is a great way to secure those public Wi-Fi networks you are going to be using throughout your trip, it doesn’t solve the other issue of using Wi-Fi on your device. iPads have very solid battery life, but your travel demands might still drain your device’s battery fairly quickly. Between checking email, checking social media, doing work, playing around with apps, and using GPS navigation, an iPad’s battery can dwindle faster than you might realize. Consistently using Wi-Fi—or even just having it enabled all the time—will only reduce your battery life further.

Our advice? Try not to use Wi-Fi when you are in transit and don’t know when you will get to charge again. Your plane might not even have Wi-Fi, so being prepared for that possibility is a good idea anyway. To make sure you are ready for a long flight, load your device up with entertainment before you leave. Download the movies, TV shows, or videos you want to watch so that they are available offline. Move some music onto your iPad from iTunes, instead of just relying on streaming. Download the eBooks you might want to read or the games you might want to play. Taking these steps today will make for a more pleasant plane ride tomorrow.

3) Don’t Forget Your Charger

Preserving battery can only get you so far if you walk out the door without your charger!

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to find someone else with an Apple device and a compatible power cord. Still, though, you don’t want to be dependent on someone else to make sure your iPad has enough juice for every day of your trip.

Make a note on your packing list to remember that charger. Otherwise, you could end up without your boarding passes, your GPS, your in-flight entertainment, and a whole slew of other traveling essentials.

4) Try an iPad Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

iPad Carrying Case with Shoulder StrapIf you’ve been hunting for the perfect travel-friendly carrying case for your iPad, look no further than this brand-new product from e-Holster. The ipad carrying case boasts a shoulder strap, a capacitive touch screen protector, and an optional adjustable leg strap. A unique facet is the screen protector, which lets you see and use your iPad without needing to remove it from the case. Need to check your flight information? Our carrying case makes it easy to unlock your iPad, check your email, browse the web, or use apps without having to stop and pull the device out of a zippered pocket. You save time, but you also get the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your tablet is secure at all times. The shoulder strap and leg strap, meanwhile, make it easy to keep your iPad close to your person, making theft or loss of your device that much less likely.

We hope your travels are safe and that you can use our four tips for traveling with an iPad to make ensure the safety of your iPad while traveling.