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How to Carry Your Phone While Running

Whether you using your phone as an mp3 player to provide music for your run, a fitness tracker to keep a tally of your steps and mileage, or as a lifeline in case you get lost, figuring how to carry your phone can be a frustrating dilemma. If your running shorts or exercise pants have pockets, chances are that the motion of your run will only cause your phone to bounce around haphazardly. And while you can of course run with your phone in your hand, doing so increases the chance that you are going to drop it and break it on a hard slab of pavement or muddy trail.

So what are the best ways to carry your phone while running? Is there a one-size fits all solution that can make carrying a phone during a long run something you won’t even think twice about? Or will the best way to carry your phone depend on your running style, distance, and phone size? Read on to learn how to carry your phone while running or working out!

What Not to Do

Before we start discussing the most viable options for how to carry your phone during a run, let’s talk about a few things not to do. Since iPods and smartphones have become commonplace over the course of the past 10 years, runners have tried out a slew of zany ways to hold their phones while exercising. Naturally, some of these methods are better than others, and some are downright hazardous! Here are a few of the latter:

Wedged in a Sock or Shoe

If your only goal is to carry your phone during a run, and not use it for music listening or GPS directions, you might think about tucking it into your sock or your shoe for “safe keeping.” There is nothing safe about this placement. Your feet and shoes take a lot of abuse during the average run, so trying to tuck your phone into your shoe is like making a reservation at the repair shop. If your socks are long enough and reach high up enough on your legs, tucking your phone in the sock and against the calf might seem like a safer option. But even if your phone doesn’t worm its way free and fall out somewhere along the way, the discomfort of this arrangement will quickly make itself evident.

Taped to Your Body

Duct tape may seem like the perfect solution for carrying a phone during a run. Tape the device to your arm or leg and then hit the road, without worrying about it coming unstuck and falling on the ground! The problem is when you remove the duct tape you’ll remove a good amount of body hair with it, which won’t feel good. Your phone will also be covered in sticky residue that you’ll be lucky if you can ever clean off. Bottom line – skip the duct tape and invest in a phone case instead.

A Note on Holding Your Phone in Your Hand

There are a number of conflicting opinions in the running world on whether or not you should hold your phone in your hand during a run. In the old days of iPods and other mp3 players with moving part hard drives, running with your device in your hand was a good way to jolt parts loose and cause major problems with the inner workings of the machine. Now, since virtually every smartphone uses flash memory with no moving parts, running with your device in your hand is less risky.

If you do choose to go this route, though, it’s a good idea to use a rugged, protective case with good gripping. Combine sweaty hands with the sleek and smooth design of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, and the result will be a phone covered in unsightly smudges (in the best case scenario) or a dropped and broken device (in the worst).

Better Alternatives

Arm Bands

For years runners have been using a variety of arm bands to hold their phones while they run. There are several options for these armbands that may fit your needs.

A nice one is the ArmPocket arm band. It’s offered in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), has many colors and patterns, seems to be quite comfortable and gets some great reviews.

However, with larger smartphones these days many of these arm bands will have a tendency to bounce around on the arm. Several have been know to move up and down on the arm with running, which can be very distracting.

Sports Bras for Women

Recently sports bras have started to include pockets to hold everything from phones to power bars. A sports bra that gets good reviews is the Idona Racerback Sports Bra from Swoob. According to reviews it will give you the support you need, and has pockets so you can carry everything you need from keys, credit cards and of course your phone.

The only negative would be… the more things you add into the bra, the more uncomfortable it will get, and the added extra weight will cause things to bounce around more.

Running Belts

Running belts are one of the best ways available to keep your phone or mobile device safe during a run. Running belts have extra space than the other options mentioned above for more of your belongings. You can take your smartphone, keys, your wallet, your driver’s license, a energy bar, and a range of other items along for your run.

The nice thing about running belts is not only are they good for runners but are ideal for speed walkers, wilderness hikers, skiers, weight lifters, and just about anyone else you might see working out at the gym or exercising out in the woods!

The e-Holster Running Belt with Double Pouches is an excellent option to carry and protect your items while you work out. It fits a wide range of different devices, from Apple’s recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, to Samsung’s entire line of Galaxy smartphones. It’s also designed to fit a variety of different body sizes, with an adjustable belt that fits weight sizes between 26 and 44 inches.

Our Recommendation

Whether you are a die-hard exerciser who wants to listen to music while he or she works out, or just someone who tends to be a bit cursed when it comes to keeping phones safe, figuring out a way to run, walk, ski, or lift weights without leaving your device at home is important. With a running belt, you will be able to do just that.

Running belts such as the e-Holster Running Belt even have headphone grommets in the pouches so that you can keep the soundtrack going! So do yourself a favor: quit running with your phone tucked into your sock or your waistband, and get a running belt today!