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Find the Best Travel Waist Pouch for Your Next Trip

Whether you are exploring the streets of an unfamiliar city or hiking near one of nature’s most impressive landmarks, a travel waist pouch or wallet belt is a must-have. In a big city, it can give you a secure place to store your belongings while you walk the streets. This kind of security is especially valuable in foreign cities like Barcelona, Rome, and Paris—the world’s worst pickpocket cities, according to ABC News. Out in nature, a travel waist pouch services another purpose, preventing your phone from falling out of your pocket and breaking during a rugged mountain climb, or making sure you don’t lose your car keys on a long walk in the woods.

In other words, regardless of how you define your “dream vacation,” a travel waist pouch or secure wallet belt is something you might consider adding to the packing list. But how can you find the best travel waist pouch for your next trip? Which specific products should you consider? Read on to find out!

The Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Money Belt

This money belt is ideal for keeping your stuff safe in the warmer parts of the world. Made of lightweight silk, the travel wallet is a bit different from the usual heavy-duty money belt design, and is comfortable even in the hottest, most humid environments. It might seem like silk would quickly become soaked with sweat, but the interior of the Eagle Creek belt is actually made of satin, and is meant to keep your stuff dry from sweat. Best of all, the belt is designed to be inconspicuous, so you can avoid being flagged as a tourist even if it’s too hot to hide your money belt or waist pouch under your clothes.

The Nike Expandable Lean

You’d expect a company like Nike to have a good option for keeping money, keys, and other stuff safe during a run, and the sleek-looking Expandable Lean is one of their most acclaimed fanny pack alternatives. The product description on Nike’s website says the Lean is meant to carry cash, keys, and cards, but with stretch mesh products, you might be able to fit a smaller, thinner phone into the pocket as well. Nike’s overall goal here was clearly to design something that looks good and keeps your stuff safe and secure without adding too much bulk. It’s available in a range of colors, too, so you can opt for a more inconspicuous black style, or for a workout centric neon green color.

The Landing Gear Undercover Money Belt

 Amazon’s number one seller in the “Hiking Waste Packs” category, this self-described “modern money belt” regularly earns rave reviews from customers. Using top-quality nylon, a carefully double stitched design, heavy-duty zippers, and a clipping mechanism that Landing Gear says thieves will “have a very difficult time removing,” this money belt is among the most well-made travel waist pouch products on the market. The money belt has both a small and a large pouch, though unlike with the eHolster running belt, they are laid on top of one another. As a result, you will have to position your items in them strategically to avoid a bulky look, but there’s still plenty of space to put a phone, a passport, a few credit cards, and other belongings.

The FlipBelt by Level Terrain

One of the most unique running belts on the market, this product from Level Terrain is meant for exercise, but is perfect for travel as well. Made of a special Spandex-Lycra blend, the FlipBelt provides four pockets where you can store your phone, your keys, your credit cards or cash, and other items. The product comes as a simple band of material, with no clips, zippers, or fasteners.

This design is attractive for a number of reasons. For one thing, if you are exercising, the absence of fasteners means that the FlipBelt doesn’t chafe or rub in the way that other running or money belts might. For another, if you are traveling and hoping to avoid pickpockets, the FlipBelt is designed in such a way that it makes it nearly impossible for thieves to get at your stuff. Your stuff is stored on the inside of the belt, against your person, and you pull the band of material on like a pair of pants instead of clipping it to yourself after you are already dressed. It’s a simple design, but an ingenious one as well, and it’s a great way to avoid losing your belongings or being robbed without realizing it.

The e-Holster Running Belt with Double Pouches

At e-Holster, we may be personally biased, but we think our own double-pouch running belt is just about the perfect waist pouch for travel. We market this new product primarily to runners, joggers, hikers, and other fitness enthusiasts, since the snug fit, reflective pouch zippers, and overall look align it with workout clothes and exercise gear.

However, the running belt with double pouches is also perfect for trips. Not only is the belt comfortable and easily adjusted to a wide range of body sizes, but it also has a pair of stretchable zippered pouches, which you can use to store any number of personal belongings. Phone, passport, wallet, driver’s license, cash, airline tickets, car keys, snacks: these are just a few of the things you can keep safe and snug in the eHolster double-pouch running belt. With two pouches, positioned on different parts of the belt to avoid excess bulk, you can carry a range of different items without ever being too conspicuous.


Next time you hit the mountains for a rugged hike, or head off to Paris for a day of sightseeing, don’t leave the safety of your stuff up to chance. With any one of these travel waist pouches or running belts, you’ll be able to keep your things secure and out of sight, cutting down on the likelihood of drops, breaks, theft, and more. Each pouch has its own unique benefits, so regardless of which you choose, we here at e-Holster wish you bon voyage and safe travels!

Do you have another travel waist pouch that you would like to add to the list? If so, share yours below.