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How To Carry Your Stuff While Walking

Fall is a great time to be out and about. Whether it’s an outing to view the changing foliage or just doing a grocery run, there’s always a reason to get outdoors and into the sunshine. There’s no point in spending time indoors when the sun is out.

Before you go, however, don’t forget to take your wallet, and your keys, sunglasses, and, of course, your phone and credit cards. Wow, that’s a lot to carry in your pockets. During winter it’s easier, you may wear a jacket that has extra pockets and places to put stuff, but in the spring, summer and fall, you don’t want to be weighed down with all those things, and there’s just nowhere to put it all. So how do you carry your stuff while walking?

Solutions to Carry Your Stuff

Well, there are many products out there now that afford a solution to this familiar problem. These products were probably invented by people who have been in a similar situation. Where they just want to go out for a while, and don’t wish to be walking around town with loads of stuff crammed in their pockets.

Waist Packs

One solution could be to buy a waist pack (sometimes called a running belt) to hold both your wallet, phone and other personal items. These come in many different designs and styles to suit the tastes of everyone. They are big enough to hold your phone, credit cards, and some cash, but yet small enough to carry around in your hand without too much trouble. Most even have a zipped area for small amounts of loose change. These waist packs are usually made out of stretchy nylon and come in different colors, and serve to hold and protect everything you would otherwise have to carry in your pockets.

So with everything secure in one place you can now enjoy a leisurely stroll or walk into town without the problem of items weighing you down. Those hiking trips will instantly be more enjoyable, and, in fact, you’ll be able to find things a lot easier. When paying for a cold drink you can find loose change without rummaging in your pockets, or having to take things out of your pockets first to get to your coins.

Day Packs

Many people have backpacks that are designed to hold multiple items for camping trips, school and other activities. The problem is that these backpacks tend to be too large for a simple walk or day hike.

There are smaller, more lightweight backpacks called “day packs”. These are designed to be smaller, have less compartments, and to be very lightweight. Day packs are perfectly designed to carry your phone, wallet, water bottle, power bars, a light jacket, and much more.

A very nice day pack is the HIKPRO Unisex Ultralight Handy Packable Backpack. It has a sleek design and is comfortable, lightweight, durable and can be easily rolled up and stored away when not in use.

Wallet Phone Case with Belt Clip

Another option could be to put your phone in a case that clips to your belt. Since your phone is likely to be one of the largest items you carry, you can free up precious pocket space by attaching it to your belt.

An e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case is a great option and also has the advantage of making your phone easy to get to if it rings. How many calls have you missed while trying to get your phone out of your pocket quickly before the call goes to voicemail? Some phone holsters also have space for other things too, but, of course, you’re only transferring things out of your pockets onto your belt.

Cell Phone Shoulder Holster

The ultimate solution, however, comes in the form of a shoulder holster. These transfer all the weight of your bulky items out of your pockets and into pouches that fit snugly to your side. These are perfect for keeping things tidy and organized, and because things like your phone and wallet aren’t very heavy items, you can hardly feel the extra weight when supported by your shoulders. Effectively, you’re moving all the weight of stuff like keys, money and your cell phone from your hips to your shoulders. This weight reduction makes moving around much easier, especially in the summer when you might only be wearing shorts and don’t want too much weight holding you back.

Using a shoulder holster for your valuable items couldn’t be much easier. Simply slip them on over your shoulders and instantly create extra pockets on either one side or both.


All in all, a combined wallet, day pack or a shoulder holster are great ways to carry your stuff while walking, will keep you more organized, and you won’t have to spend time rummaging around the house for stuff next time you want to go out. Everything will be in one place. Perfect if you have a tendency to spread things around the house, or lose important things like car keys down the side of the couch!