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How to Enjoy a Smoothie on Your Run Without Bringing Your Wallet

There are people who run professionally, people who run to stay fit, and people who run because they love the heat in their muscles and wind in their faces. Every single runner has a special set of preferences for how they prepare for each daily run and most runners form some kind of ritual that helps them to get focused, stay focused, beat their times, and get the workout their looking for. However, in all this preparation, one thing tends to slip through the cracks: your wallet.

Wallets are bulky, one-sided items which means that they’re not ideal for running gear. Put them in one pocket of your sweatpants and they bop against that one leg the entire time, potentially throwing off your form. Put it in your sweatshirt kangaroo pouch and risk it popping out as you bounce down your running path. Many runners opt to leave the wallet at home which is relatively smart, except of course that this prevents you from taking advantage of potentially more enjoyable running routines. Grabbing a smoothe on your way home and drinking it as you ‘warm down’ your muscles is one of the most luxurious feelings you can experience as a runner and it just so happens that we have the solution. You can leave your wallet at home and still grab a delicious calorie source on the way home from a good run.

Warm Up at Home

To achieve your perfect ‘smoothie run’, start your running routine at your normal time with dressing for exercise and going through your warmups. For those of you new to running, it’s important to warm up and stretch out your muscles ahead of time to reduce the chances of sprains, strains, and turned ankles while pushing yourself out on the sidewalks.

Equip Your Runner’s Moneybelt

runner's beltOnce you’re mostly ready to go, rather than reaching for your wallet, it’s time to load up a handy little gadget that some people call a money belt and others, for obvious reasons, call a runner’s belt.  This strip of folded and zipped fabric can serve a dual purpose of securing both your pants and your portable valuables. Most runner’s belts have more than enough room for a few payment cards, your ID, a slender smartphone, and even a few extra little things like a tube of chapstick to counteract that delightful wind in your face. Distribute the items relatively evenly and pull your sweatshirt down over the belt.

Go For Your Run

Now that you’re fully attired with your runner’s belt, set out on your favorite route that will take you past that smoothie shop. Pace yourself, remember to breathe correctly, and stay aware of how your legs and ankles feel in order to perfect your runner’s form. The more you wear yourself out before your walk-home snack, the more calories you’ll burn and the more muscle tissue can be reformed into stronger, denser muscles.

Grab That Smoothie

Hopefully, you have reached your running goals in improved time, form, and breath by the time you’re winding down and thinking fondly of home and a shower. But wait, now it’s time to treat yourself. Because you prepared with the runner’s belt, you can buy yourself a delicious snack and yet don’t have a bruise or unbalanced form from bouncing a wallet on your way here. While your treat doesn’t have to be a smoothie and may depend on what is available on your runner’s route, be sure to pick up something light and healthy that will feel good in a post-workout belly and replenish your burned-up nutrients.

Walk Home

The walk home is almost as important as the run out when it comes to muscle health and recovery. This means that grabbing something to sip or snack on your way home makes a lot of sense. It gives you a reason to slow down and let your muscles cool smoothly while still in motion. This will keep you from stiffening or cramping up from resting too soon and will make sure you start recharging your calories, vitamins, and minerals immediately.

With the help of a runner’s belt, going for a run doesn’t have to mean putting up with a bouncing wallet or going completely payment-free while out on your runs. Instead, you have made it possible to combine your running and errands on the same enjoyable excursions.