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5 Things You Should Always Carry In Your Running Belt

Going for a run or walk can be a great way to disconnect from your everyday stresses and responsibilities. Adventuring outdoors whether it is through your neighborhood, your city, or a secluded nature trail can be a freeing and relaxing experience. While you would like to disconnect in every way possible you must still put safety first and be prepared when on your run or walk. Fortunately, with a running belt pouch, you are still able to enjoy a hands-free adventure while carrying some necessities.

So what should you pack in your running belt when getting ready to set off on your workout?

1 – Phone

Bringing your phone on a walk can increase your safety. Set your ringer off and turn off alerts to help you disconnect and secure your phone in your running belt before taking off. Once it is in your running belt pouch you won’t’ even know it’s there but it is available in case of emergencies.

2 – Keys

Throwing your keys in your pocket during a run can be a risky endeavor with the possibility they may not be there when you get back. By using a running waist pack you can ensure that your keys are safe and secure while on your walk or run.

3 – Identification

While we may not want to think of anything going wrong on our exercise outings it is important to consider the possibilities that something could happen. Be prepared and carry some form of identification with you at all times in your running waist pack. If you suffer from allergies or any type of medical condition it is also important that you also carry a medical alert card or wear an alert bracelet. In the unlikely event that you are injured or suffer a medical emergency while on a run your emergency contact can be immediately alerted and emergency medical services will have any relevant medical conditions available with this information.

4 – Money

You are just going for a run or hike do you really need to carry money? Yes, you should absolutely carry a credit card or a small stash of emergency cash in your runner’s belt in case something happens. You may not find a water fountain and need to buy a drink or pull a muscle and need an uber back home. Always carry a few bucks just in case!

5 – Nutrition

On a short run or walk, you may not have to think about your nutrition, but if you venture out for a long run or hike you may need to. Always consider your nutritional needs in addition to hydration during your workout. Fortunately, your running belt pouch allows you to stash some gels, bars, or chews into your pack to keep you moving efficiently and performing at your best.

Choose the Right Running Belt For You

There are many options for running waist packs, make sure that you choose a runner’s belt with plenty of room to store your necessities and that meet your specific needs.

Some essential factors to consider when choosing your running belt include:

  • Phone compatibility – it is important to check a belt’s specifications to ensure your phone will fit in the pouch
  • Expandable pouch – expandable pockets mean more room to store your necessities
  • Comfortable material
  • Adjustable Band to find the Right Fit – not all running pouches are adjustable which can lead to making an uncomfortable purchase that you won’t end up using
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off – this is important when you are on the go and need to be able to access your pack quickly and efficiently
  • Accommodation for headphone connections – most people love their music while running or walking make sure you can still plug in your headphones while your device is stored in the pouch

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