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How to Not Lose Your Wallet

Losing a wallet or purse can be catastrophic in the worst case, and a huge hassle in the best. From cash to credit cards, insurance information to driver’s licenses, gift cards to membership cards, losing a wallet can disrupt your life in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, it can even lead to identity theft.

The question is this – how you can avoid losing your wallet or purse in the future? In order to help answer that question, we have put together a list of precautions on how to not lose your wallet. With these preventative measures in place, you will hopefully save yourself from having to spend a day cancelling credit cards, getting a new driver’s license from the Secretary of State office, or going through other similarly frustrating processes.

Track It

If you have a smartphone, you can set it up with an app or function that will allow you to track the device if you ever happen to misplace it. So why not take the same tactic to protect your wallet or purse? A number of different companies have designed helpful tracking chips that you can simply slip into your wallet, leave in your purse, or connect to a key ring. Most of these objects look no more conspicuous than a simple keychain, but can be used to digitally track your lost wallet or keys. The Next Web did a great blog post back in 2013, running down a few of these tracking solutions.

Keep a Designated Place for It

A good way to keep from losing your wallet is to establish a routine for where it should be at different times of the day. For instance, if you are at work or out and about, it’s in your back pocket; if you are in the car, it’s in the center console; if you are at home, it’s on your bedside table. Establishing these standard wallet locations will help to ensure that you won’t misplace your wallet.

Consider a Wallet Phone Case or Travel Wallet

Going out to a bar or to a party at a friend’s house? This one is for you. Usually, keeping track of your wallet is easy if you get into the kind of routine described above. However, if you are going to be imbibing alcoholic beverages, you may want to take extra precautions, simply because it’s easier to misplace a wallet after a few drinks.

Have a wallet phone case just for these out-on-the-town occasions: stash your I.D., maybe one credit card, some cash, your keys, and your phone in it. Leave your other cards and personal effects at home, in your usual day-to-day wallet or purse. This way, even if you do lose your wallet, the damages are controlled.

If you prefer to keep your personal items closer to your body and more secured, you may want to consider a travel wallet. Travel wallets are shoulder holsters that you can wear under a jacket or shirt to hide and protect your phone, credit cards, cash, keys, passport or any other personal item you would like to carry.

Misplacing a wallet is never fun, and can be disastrous. Luckily, with the three precautions laid out above, you will be able to either find your wallet quicker than ever before, minimize the hassle of canceling and replacing cards, or simply avoid losing the wallet altogether!